Ornamental Geometry

Antler Hill Fountain, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Borders are interesting places. They are loci of strife or of harmony. They can be gradual transitions or abrupt shifts; they provide the contrast that makes vision possible. Edges are where change propagates or dies. A culture that fails to respect those who inhabit the outlying regions—where the new and strange are encountered and negotiated—will stagnate, grow rigid, and fossilize.

We can know our limits without being stifled by them. We can respect boundaries while exploring and celebrating them. And if we are flexible and adaptable enough, we can allow our margins to affect our core as we grow and change. Other voices and our own experiences at the outmost reaches, beyond the comfortably familiar, can teach us to enlarge our hearts.

A Year Ago: Six Sunrises

Key West[As always, unless otherwise indicated, the MoS project photos are taken with my OG iPhone.]
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