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Hopeful [Palette]

Image with color palette.

I’m moving to my next rental location, which I fervently hope and expect will be the last before I take possession of my own home. I won’t have any internet access on the premises for at least a few days, so it’s likely there won’t be anything new here for a while either. Please bear with me.

This color palette shows spring in the midst of winter. To me, it feels like the most western-north-carolina-y image I’ve made so far. The colors are ravishingly soft and soothing, the mountains are—as always—beautifully there.

A Year Ago: Winter Tangle

Bare trees and underbrush.This is what a sunny winter’s day looks like in DC…
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Window Treatment

Gauzy drapes on window.

For a person who photographs a wide range of subject matters, and who feels like she’s interested in everything, there are nevertheless visual themes that appear again and again. Bounced light, for example, is a perennial favorite.

The fine texture, moiré, and gauzy filtering of light through drapery draws my eye yet again.

A Year Ago: A Little Funk

Making a Book

This brought back fond memories of my life as a book artist. The pleasures of bookbinding are multifarious, but work of this calibre requires a degree of patience and precision that generally eludes me.

Tip of the hat to my friend Gordon for this one.

A Year Ago: Turkish Lamp

Lamp and cast shadows on walls and ceiling.I spent an enjoyable couple of hours this afternoon…
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Well, Hello There!

Goat face

Some days, like this one, are just better than others. So here, have a happy, friendly goat!

A Year Ago: Spine

Light and shadow on the wall.

Building Blocks

Foundation blocks at building site.

In my mind’s eye, this is already a house.

It has an unfinished, walk-in basement. It has an open-plan kitchen and living room, a two-thirds covered porch that extends to an eight-foot square deck.

It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It has my belongings in the closets, my furniture, my dishes in the kitchen cabinets. It has my drapery hanging by the windows.

Because I can see this house—this home—so clearly in my mind, the reality of a dirt hole, some concrete footings, and a big ol’ pile of cement blocks feels wildly and completely inadequate. The degree of impatience I’m experiencing with this project is simply unprecedented in my life. I so badly want it to be done that I’m utterly and impotently preoccupied at all times with the question of progress or lack thereof.

This has become downright problematic for my mental and emotional well-being, so I am actively pursuing other opportunities and commitments that will keep me from going deeper down the homebuilding rabbit-hole.

It’s about to get real, real busy ’round here.


Bare vines climb arbor.

I ask myself: how deep is this winter, really? Is it so harsh that hibernation is the only choice?

I don’t think so. All around me I see signs of growth—small, subtle efforts that carry growth forward almost imperceptibly. If I wait for the full change of season, I’ll miss out on all that early, incremental improvement.

After all, it’s not so bad right now, is it?

A Year Ago: Desolate

De Soto Beach, FL


Red-orange bush branch.

It’s cold and gray and in Asheville we are expecting the dreaded wintry mix.

Bob is on his way today to Salt Lake City. The visit, planned long ago, was to be a family celebration of his father’s 90th birthday. Last night, his mother died. Although not entirely unexpected, the timing will certainly change the tenor of this gathering. My thoughts are with him and the rest of his family.

Although the solstice is a month past, this feels more like the depths of winter.

The Tree of Life

A version by artist Carol Ballenger.
[This version is by artist Carol Ballenger.]

Every now and then I see a piece of information design that really helps put things in perspective. I urge you to click through to appreciate fully both the beauty and the relevance of this one.

Tip o’ the hat to my friend Greg.

Indoor Cosmos

Decorative lights.

Here in Asheville you can actually see the stars.

It was especially chilly last night, and very clear. As I came home even the ambient city light did not obscure Orion blazing brightly in sky directly overhead. I’m going to have to make a point to get further out into the countryside for the next meteor event (or maybe the next warm weather meteor event).

A Year Ago: Albuquerque

Desert, wires, mountains, sky.To me, this is quintessential Albuquerque…
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Triune Dove

It looks like my temporary housing problem is solved. (Let it be so!)

Now there’s just all the other stuff of life to deal with. Onward!

A Year Ago: Florida, Again

Bird on post, Key West, FLI’m sticking with the avian theme to let you know that I’m making another trip to Florida…
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