Getting Through (Palette)

Winter twigs with color palette.

Things are a little bit harder than I would prefer. My short-term rental period has turned out to be both longer and shorter than I expected. That is to say: the house-building is going more slowly than I’d hoped so I’ll be renting longer, and my current landlord has changed his mind about me extending my stay month-to-month here because he’s got family coming to visit.

So now I’m hustling to find another furnished, affordable, short-term rental. And I’ll have to pack up my kit and move again. Really not what I’d hoped to be doing at this juncture. Words cannot adequately express how thrilled I’ll be when I finally move into my own home and this interim situation comes to an end.

Today I’ve prepared for you a winter picture and palette to remind myself that the cycle of fallow struggle and patient survival is perennial in nature. I think these colors would go beautifully in a library—especially if it overlooked a heath!

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