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The One of My Dreams

One-shaped pipe in grassy area.

Do you know what you really want?
Are you sure?

The one of your dreams may appear in the light or in the shadows. Will you recognize it when it shows up?

A Year Ago: Boardwalk Z

Anastasia Beach, St. Augustine, FLThis is another photograph that really works best HUGE…
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Petting the Kitty

Bob pets the cat in his lap with one finger.

Bob is in love.

He has fallen hard and fast for the feline in his lap. (She still doesn’t have a new name, but you can recognize her as the possessor of the Mesmer eyes from a few posts back.) This cat is very friendly and personable, has super-soft short fur, and a dynamic deep rumbly purr. She is a Most Excellent Kitteh. Bob is thoroughly smitten (and who could blame him?).

But why, you ask, am I publishing this picture after disclaiming a desire to turn this venue into a cute-animal blog?

Here’s why: this picture shows something true and beautiful about Bob.

Take note of the gentle, tender expression on his face. Look how attentive he is to the kitty on his lap. See how loosely but carefully he holds her; she is at liberty to look where she likes, or to get up and leave whenever she wants. She is cared for, but not controlled.

He is stroking her head lightly, with one fingertip, so as to bring pleasure but not insist upon continuing if the cat indicates impatience or has had enough. Bob does not demand that she conform to specific requirements for her behavior at any given moment. She does not have to curl up in a particular shape or gaze only into his eyes to be the object of his affection. The cat can tell she is safe, adored, and free.

That is one lucky kitty, wouldn’t you agree?

[Update: Kitty's name is Lucy.]

A Year Ago: Patience

Gull waiting for fish.This was the most diligent gull I’ve ever seen…
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More Than One Step

Cement steps with zigzag shadow.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve felt like I had so many irons in the fire simultaneously. On the one hand, it’s wonderful: stimulating, challenging, fresh. On the other hand, I’m finding a greater need than ever before to make lists and schedule things deliberately. I simply can’t get everything done (never mind keep track of what needs doing!) on an ad hoc basis. My brain just doesn’t have enough parallel channels to manage that without some kind of external aid.

For now, it’s my main notebook, but I can see the need for some sort of time management/productivity software coming down the pike. (Feel free to recommend in the comments. It’ll need a contact management component too.)

In the meantime, while I work on avoiding task-overwhelm, I’d like to call your attention to the cornucopia of pattern delight in today’s image. Stripes! Zigzag! Literal half-drop bricks! Grid blocks!

So tasty.

A Year Ago: Twig & Bloom

Flower macro.

Bob is here for the week…
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Faux antique jar.

There might be someone, somewhere who would see this jar and think “oooo, valuable antique!” Maybe. But most of us are going to look at it and go “Wow, how fake is that!”

On some level, it’s indisputably godawful. And yet—I like it. It’s bad, but in a good way. It’s so fake, it’s fabulous.

Every now and then, it seems, I fall for the faux.

A Year Ago: Let the Evening Come

Street view of sunset.The sunset I’m interested in…
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Lampshade with shadow pattern.

This is what I saw yesterday, literally first thing on opening my eyes. I love the contrast between the fabric textures, the wood of the base, and the patterns of the morning light. Fortunately, my phone was on the nightstand and I was able to snap the picture without even getting out of bed. Thank you, modern technology, you are the best!

Today, despite being up much later than I wished last night, I awoke fifteen minutes before my alarm and then staggered off for 8 solid hours of real estate class. Brain once again thoroughly fried.

So. Tired.

A Year Ago: Railbirds Redux

Three people contemplate the ocean, St. Augustine Beach, FLI kept looking at this picture and thinking to myself Why does this look so familiar?
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Biltmore Inn, Asheville, NC

No amount of googling thus far has enabled me to determine when the Inn at Biltmore Estate was actually built. I’m quite sure it was in the last 30 years or so. Nonetheless, it’s possible to sit on the porch—gazing at the mountains and blissfully soaking up the sun’s rays and the fresh air—and imagine oneself in an altogether different era.

Can you blame me if my gaze strayed from my textbook?

A Year Ago: Copper Top

Color selections from a copper-clad pier, Annapolis, MDApparently capping the ends of piers with copper is a thing…
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Construction worker sitting on work materials.

This is one of the two guys who were working on my basement slab. (There’s a lot of time sitting around waiting for the concrete to set before the next step.) When I introduced myself and he told me his name, I didn’t catch it all. To my citified ear, there were about three vowels and maybe an extra consonant in the first syllable. He kindly repeated it and I finally understood.

These men who are building my house are (so far, anyway) unfailingly polite, friendly, helpful, and patient. They explain what they’re doing, make suggestions of things I might not have considered, and reassure me that everything’s going according to plan. I trust them and respect their skill. I ask them to please let me know if I’m in any fashion bothering them or getting in the way, because the last thing I want to do is be a nuisance or slow things up unnecessarily.

I love that I’m learning something new about dwellings almost every day. It’s one of civilization’s mostly invisible yet fundamental enterprises. In combination, the real estate class and my homebuilding project are adding a whole new layer of understanding to the way I look at the constructed landscape and the people who make it happen.

A Year Ago: The White Picket Fence

White picket fence, Annapolis, MDApparently I can’t get enough of these things…
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Love Wins!

Anyone who’s lived in an urban environment has had this experience. You are stuck in a public place and someone starts holding forth, loudly, obnoxiously. They begin inflicting their opinion on everyone in earshot. Whether the product of mental imbalance or just sheer assholery, this behavior is more often than not fueled by anger, resentment, bitterness, and straight-up nastiness. And people usually just sit there and take it, on the theory of “ignore it and it’ll go away” (the real-life equivalent of “don’t feed the trolls”) or from simply being scared of confrontation or escalation.

And I get that, really I do. Most of the time it’s just not worth it.

But here, this one guy decided he’d had enough. He’d had enough of a ‘religious’ diatribe saying he was an abomination. He’d had enough of someone claiming to speak for God but saying horrible hateful things. He starts by interjecting “False prophet!” Finally he stands up, claims his identity, speaks out on behalf of morality and love. And then he asks for and gets the support of the previously silent strangers around him.

I admire his courage in confronting the ranter. I love his appeal to love. And I’m so grateful to live in an era where a person can stand up like this and be affirmed by people he doesn’t know.

A Year Ago: Encrusted

Barnacles on a boat keel.Because I am an aesthetic snob, raised by aesthetic snobs…
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My Neighbor John

John Guciardo, Mountain Metal Arts of Asheville

There was a loud knocking on my door. I wasn’t expecting a visitor, but I went to see who it was. There stood my next-door neighbor, John Guciardo, apologizing and asking for a favor. Would I take a photograph of him with one of his sculptures?

Of course I would. He gave me his iPhone and I dutifully took a couple of snaps with it. Then I used my own camera to take this picture.

He told me that he’s going to be next month’s featured artist in The Laurel of Asheville. You can find John’s very accessible works for home and garden through Mtn. Metal Arts of Asheville (at The Screen Door) and via his Facebook page.

A Year Ago: Alterations

Altered photograph of plant, St. Augustine, FLMost of the time I want to say to you: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Except, okay, WOMAN behind the curtain…
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Tantric Pirate’s Flag

Symmetrical pattern of grey and yellow transparent wisps on black ground.

I can’t claim too much credit for this one, as it was created in conjunction with the new Silk generative art website. Have fun losing track of the time…

You’re welcome. ;-)

A Year Ago: Linear

Exterior, Annapolis, MD

In the north…
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