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Mesmer Eyes

Close-up cat portrait.

I apologize that this blog seems temporarily to have become mostly flowers and cute animals. I like flowers and cute animals a great deal, but I don’t want to be all petals ‘n’ fur, all the time. That would be tedious.

Still, don’t you think this creature could bend you to her will?

A Year Ago: Bound

Utility pole wrapped with duct tape.I’ve got to admit, the leeetle eettie beettie camera lens in the iPhone 4S…
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Valentine’s Day

Painterly image of orchid.

Have an orchid; orchids are good. Too much going on right now to have any original thoughts, so nothing more than:

Dear readers, please be my valentines! <3

A Year Ago: The Balcony

Downtown Old St. Augustine, FLThis image sums up many of the pros and cons of St. Augustine…
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Black and white image of magnolia blossom and foliage after rain.

Today’s Ash Wednesday service at All Souls was beautiful and heartbreaking. I heard the Litany of Penitence with fresh ears.

I have not loved with my whole heart, mind, and strength. I have not loved my neighbors as myself. I have not forgiven others as I have been forgiven.

I have been unfaithful, proud, hypocritical, and impatient.

I have been self-indulgent and exploitative of others.

I have become angry from frustration and envied those more fortunate than I.

I have loved stuff and comfort to excess, I have not been as authentic as I should in daily life.

I have neglected my spiritual life.

I repent the wrongs I have done: my blindness to human need and suffering, my indifference to injustice and cruelty.

I have misjudged others and harbored uncharitable thoughts of them. I have experienced prejudice and contempt for those who are different from me.

I have wasted and polluted the resources of the world, and given less thought than I should to those who will come after me.

For these and all my other faults and failings, I am truly sorry. I seek to do better. I am so grateful that where there is love, there is forgiveness.

A Year Ago: The Sense of an Ending

Graveyard, St. Augustine, FLThere was a time in my life, not so long ago, when every death was a shock…
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Hearts & Flowers

Roses and heart-shaped cake.

Valentines Day came early for me this year. On the fourth anniversary of our first meeting, Bob arrived on the doorstep of his new home in Asheville. I was waiting with two dozen roses and a heart-shaped chocolate cake. Might as well start things off on the right foot!

A Year Ago: Specimen

Utility pole detail.I’m calling this one an oblique salute to Charles Darwin…
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Wheels, Not Spinning

Black and white image of scrap metal and shadow.

Things have, as promised, gotten pretty busy. There’s the real estate course, which has an incoming information load that does justice to the “drinking from a firehouse” cliché. I’m also taking an online textile designing course which has homework. And there are my ongoing meet-up groups and the regular visits to Pet Harmony. In addition, Bob arrives today—which will entail plenty of pleasant time spent assisting in the settling-in.

So yeah, no shortage of things to occupy my mind. All of them good.

A Year Ago: Scofflaws

People and birds on the beach.I CAN’T LIVE BY YOUR RULES…
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Rotary Scrap

Gears and propellers gathering rust.

My schedule is totally inverted for the next month or so, with unscheduled time during the week, and full days in the classroom all weekend. While I may pine a bit for the gorgeous weather I miss when seated in a windowless cave learning about real estate, it should inspire me to get out and about in the sunshine when I actually can.

A Year Ago: Texture Riot

Driftwood and ironwork bench.I spent a lovely day-and-a-bit with dear friend Barry…
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Gauzy Stripes

Light coming through curtain and blinds.

The window treatments strike again!

A Year Ago: Closer Than They Appear

Palm tree reflection in side mirror.In Florida, there’s always a palm tree lurking somewhere around the place…
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Rusty metal border.

My next door neighbor at the rental house is a metal artist, and the edges of his house and our shared driveway are filled with rusting shapes awaiting his inspiration. He visits scrapyards and scavenges interesting pieces for later use. Until he does something with them, they sit outdoors gathering a patina.

Grist for my mill, for sure!

A Year Ago: Sentinel

Pelican on streetlamp.Because—in Florida—you can never have…
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Puppy Riot

Okay, recently I posted a shaky video of Kitteh Therapy, from which I mercifully edited out the audio. You are not so lucky this time and must endure my full-on SQUEEEEEEE over these adorabuhls puppehs. Or, you know, you could just mute the audio.

These puppies were being readied by Pet Harmony for transport from the harshness of the rural south to the relative comforts of the welcoming urban northeast, where—apparently—there is a shortage of adoptable doggies and a surplus of folks wanting to adopt. Despite not at all being a dog person, I have to admit a not-insignificant impulse was arising in my heart: take one home take one home take one home.

Of course, at the moment I have no such home to take a puppy to, and furthermore when I do I will be getting kitties. But having this facility in my neighborhood is going to pose a constant temptation.

A Year Ago: Flocking Amazing

I was mesmerized by the patterns these black skimmers made as they rose, fell, grouped, and regrouped…
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Sunset panorama, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

I’m now ensconced in my new rental abode and am all internetted up—so that’s good. And the indicated wallop of snowfall never really happened here in Asheville over the weekend (just a dusting). It’s been cold and grey, but nothing terribly unbearable.

I spent the weekend in a classroom; I’m studying for my real estate broker’s license. Asheville has so much to offer artists and academics—I’m hoping that I can help those who move here find homes that suit their specific needs and aesthetics. In any case, I always enjoy learning something new and putting ye olde grey matter through some calisthenics. If all goes well, I’ll have more opportunity to pursue my own art agenda without the pressure of making it immediately saleable.

Unfortunately, my current blog format doesn’t serve panoramic images very well, so it may be hard for you to see how this image appears to be half in color and half in black-and-white. (View a hugeous version here.) This is not a post-processing editorial choice, but mostly a result of the limitation of the image capturing technology. But it’s also the case that our eyes lose the ability to distinguish color in low light settings, so although perhaps exaggerated in this picture, the monochrome lower half has a certain eerie verisimilitude.

A Year Ago: Beach Twilight

Boardwalk, Anastasia Beach, St. Augustine, FL

Anastasia State Park, just ten minutes from the center of St. Augustine, is one of the loveliest beaches I’ve ever been on…
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