Rock with folded layers.

Thank goodness that I went on a walk with Bob in the luxuriously warm afternoon. We strolled around the grounds of the UNC Botanical Garden, which was the site of the Battle of Asheville at the very end of the Civil War. Bob pointed out this folded rock, which I would have walked blindly by.

I also find that I’m looking at plant life, particularly ground cover, with a totally new perspective. I need to find something attractive but low maintenance to plant on my property so that I don’t need to mow the entire near half-acre. Suggestions of attractive, self-propagating but non-invasive, non-vermin-harboring foliage gratefully received!

A Year Ago: Ghost Ride

Decaying automobile, Harpers Ferry, WVWhile somebody I know was whipping around a speedway in a Ferrari, I was wandering the streets of Harpers Ferry again on foot…
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