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Permanently Awry

Metal hatch with rust stains and yellow rope.

You can tell by the rust streaks that this hatch has been in this position for a very long time now. It is not on straight. (In fact, this picture is rife with wonkiness of all sorts.)

I suppose one way to take the moral of this image is something along the lines of “Don’t make that horrible face! It might freeze like that and you’d have little children running screaming from you for the rest of your life!”

For me, the lesson is more that age and gravity are going to have their way with you, no matter what. So you might as well take whatever attitude to life you like, even if—or maybe especially if—it’s a little askew.

A Year Ago: Colonnade

Kennedy Center before an evening performance, Washington, DC

Anybody notice anything unusual about this picture…
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Seat of the Soul

Metai chair seat, beautifully rusted.

My neighbor has an eye for the rusted beauties, that’s for sure. This is NOT a high-quality image, but OH THOSE COLORS AND TEXTURES.

Two Years Ago: Aubade

Maple leaves and cherry petalsSince I became an adult, virtually all the sunrises I’ve seen…
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Impulsive [Palette]

Pink flowers burgeoning with palette.

There’s a flower riot going on these days. Spring is in full swing and the plants are in such an all-fired rush to get their reproductive wares on display it’s almost unseemly. “POLLINATE ME!!!” they blare with their brazen colors and dangling pistils.

The impulse for new and renewed life is everywhere, and very few of us are insensitive to it—even if we’re not paying attention. It gets under our skin. We feel that we ought to be up and about something. The blood hums in our veins.

Maybe all you’ve got the extra energy for is to paint a spare bathroom. This impulsive palette offers tones that could go really girly or be selectively used for a more traditionally masculine effect.

Two Years Ago: Mulch

Fallen petals and wood mulchFlowering trees have their own second season of Fall in the heart of Spring…
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Base of cypress tree, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

I was surprised to see these classic cypress knees at the Biltmore Estate, in a spot that doesn’t seem to qualify as “wetlands” at all. Even outside a swamp they retain that otherworldly, alien weirdness we seem to inevitably ascribe to organisms that reproduce in unfamiliar ways.

Two Years Ago: Otherness

Furled fernSticky, spiky, raw, strange. Is it a plant or an insect?…”
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Surface Pattern

Tree with diamond-patterned bark.

I’ve never noticed a tree with this textile-inspiring bark pattern before.

Here’s a closer look:

Diamond-patterned bark.

A Year Ago: Dr. Seuss Plant

Plant with white polka dots and bright red leaf back.I actually laughed when I saw this plant. The big polka dots and the outrageous red backside of these leaves are just ridiculously over-the-top…
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April Shower

Trees through rainy windscreen.

An exhausting, difficult day, with some azaleas and Bob to redeem the end of it.

Honestly, it will be good when this period of time transitions to something a little bit easier to manage.

A Year Ago: Chicken Alley

Wall mural, Asheville, NCMake no mistake, Asheville is a very small city…
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Roughed Up

Painted wood siding.

I have to admit, the going has been pretty tough lately. I’m feeling a little worn down and my optimism is taking a beating.

I can only hope that, when all is said and done, I’ll weather as gracefully as this wooden wall.

A Year Ago: Buried Fist

Rock embedded in ground.In the version of T’ai Chi I’m studying, there’s a posture in the final third, not far from the end…
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Welcome to Edwin Place

Stairs with rail shadow.

I wonder if shadows on stairs should be my new new thing.

A Year Ago: The Green Life

Parsley sprig in glass bottle.In the middle of one of my treks around the River Arts District and vicinity, I stopped at a juice bar and had a drink composed mostly of green leafy items…
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Pretty Ugly

Abstract flower pattern.

A few years ago, I mentioned the French concept/term jolie-laide—something unconventionally attractive (generally a woman who does not conform to typical beauty standards but is indisputably stylish and appealing). And every now and then I find myself experimenting with pattern or color or some other mix of compositional elements, and winding up with something that I can’t in good conscience describe as beautiful.

Let’s face it, sometimes these lab sessions are just unmitigated disasters.

But every now and then, I make something which I cannot call successful, but that nevertheless tickles my aesthetic nerve-endings in an interesting way. Today’s image is one such hot mess.

I’m not sure what merit there is to be found here, but I imagine I’ll keep poking around the edges of this process until I turn up something I actually like.

A Year Ago: No Branch Required

Cherry blossoms grow out of trunkIt’s been a fickle spring: one nice day, three cold and rainy days, rinse & repeat…
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Belgian Poise

Horse in field, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

I think of these beautiful horses as the animal ambassadors for the Biltmore Estate.

Two Years Ago: Slide into Focus

Five dripsJust in case anyone is inclined to think I’ve gone soft…
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