House Happy

Cottage with exterior paint being applied

The house construction is still underway, and still taking much longer than I’d prefer. However, the exterior painting is coming along nicely, and I have to say that it gives me a big blast of unadulterated pleasure to walk—or totter, as the case may be—by and see how nice it looks. I am happier with the paint colors I chose than I expected to be; I can’t wait to see the red doors (they’ll probably be a finishing touch, since they’re like to get bashed up if they get painted now).

I would also like to point out the unbelievably gorgeous North Carolina blue sky right there. Today’s weather is perfection: sunny, warm, breezy, dry. This is what I’ve been yearning for and the fact that I was able to be up and out in it today, even if just for an hour, was an absolute joy.

I would also like to show you this awful picture of some tulips.

The key point about these tulips is that they are MY TULIPS. I done planted them with my own two hands, back in November. They are on my land. They are my very own tulips that would otherwise not be there at all. I caused them to be in that spot. They are blooming. YAY!

I planted three varieties for early, middle, and late spring. It gives me great delight and just a giant fat facegrin to see these flowers happening despite the abuse they’ve taken from construction equipment, the weather, and my plant’em-and-neglect’em approach to gardening.

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One Response to House Happy
  1. Abigail Grotke
    April 13, 2013 | 11:08 am

    The house colors and tulips are wonderful! Isn’t it great to see them popping up?