Innards Update

First, have a playful kitty video:

It was a year ago yesterday that I first arrived in Asheville to check it out. Now I live here, and it’s so very much a fait accompli that it’s hard to imagine my life any other way.

After making a week of great strides toward recovery from my emergency appendectomy, I’ve had a bit of a set-back. Nothing too terrible, I don’t think, but I’m feeling unsettled—and my gut, which had been doing heroic work in resuming its normal function, is a little disgruntled today. I suspect that this is a result of a mildly over-active day yesterday. I cut short my errands around town this afternoon and plan to take it easier tomorrow.

I still harbor hopes of starting work on Friday.

A Year Ago: Marked

Grafitti, Asheville, NCI’m continuing to suffer with catastrophically bad internet access…
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