Impulsive [Palette]

Pink flowers burgeoning with palette.

There’s a flower riot going on these days. Spring is in full swing and the plants are in such an all-fired rush to get their reproductive wares on display it’s almost unseemly. “POLLINATE ME!!!” they blare with their brazen colors and dangling pistils.

The impulse for new and renewed life is everywhere, and very few of us are insensitive to it—even if we’re not paying attention. It gets under our skin. We feel that we ought to be up and about something. The blood hums in our veins.

Maybe all you’ve got the extra energy for is to paint a spare bathroom. This impulsive palette offers tones that could go really girly or be selectively used for a more traditionally masculine effect.

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One Response to Impulsive [Palette]
  1. David Memphis MOJO Smith
    April 28, 2013 | 4:03 pm

    Love your palettes. Another nice one.