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At The Brewery

Highland Brewery, Asheville, NC

It’s a good thing that I’m not especially inclined to excesses of intoxicants. Because this ongoing waiting game—combined with the great variety of local high-quality brew products—could otherwise produce a prodigious beer belly (at the very least).

Tick tock, tick tock. Can I live in my house now, please??

A Year Ago: Miles High Sea

Fossil at 10,000 feet, Sandia Peak, NMIt should be no surprise that some 60% of the U.S. population is either unsure about the theory of evolution or rejects it outright…
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Clean Walls

Ceiling fan and freshly painted walls.

This is a sneak peak at the freshly painted walls and ceiling of the bedroom in my home-to-be. The quiet freshness of this environment is exactly what I’m yearning for right now.

A Year Ago: Kiva Update

Kenyan cafe proprietor.Last year, in September, I made my first Kiva loans. In all, I invested $100 in four borrowers—all of them women…
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Mountain Magic

Clouds and fog over the Pisgah mountains.

No matter what the frustrations or pains, a few minutes in this landscape will alter my frame of mind for the better.

I read somewhere that the mountains of Appalachia are the most ancient of anywhere in the world. I’m skeptical of this claim, just on the basis that the formula “most x of anything anywhere” tends to be wrong. Still, there’s something calming about these old hills.

If you try, you can imagine them as young, fierce, and jagged peaks, towering like the brash Himalayas do today. Now picture the vast millennia it took to soften and mellow them, to change them from impenetrable and inhospitable ranks of sheer terror to the soothing scrims of rolling distance they are today.

This is a view of deep time.

A Year Ago: Gnarled

Weathered tree stump, Sandia Peak, ABQ, NMBeautiful as it is, this weathered stump sums up why I don’t want to live in the desert. Simply put: it’s too hard…
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Early evening clouds, Asheville, NC

I went out intending to photograph the supermoon.

A late afternoon/early evening rainshower had strewn the sky with towering thunderheads and shredded cloaks and cauliflower clumps of clouds. There was a vaporous fog draped over the mountains as the sun set.

I never did see the moon, although I waited until 9:30 hoping it might appear from behind the cloudy haze. Instead, I took a lot of images of the dynamic conjunction of sky and land. You might see a few more of those.

A Year Ago: The Path Ahead

Sunlit path on Sandia Peak, NMThe way forward is clear, although I can’t predict what twists and turns…
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Innards Redux

Decaying big rig interior machinery.

My poor digestive tract has not been entirely settled since my appendectomy two and a half months ago. I’m feeling especially under the weather today, and hoping it will just get better.

A Year Ago: Tenacity

Tree growing in rock cleft, Sandia Peak, NMIn the high alpine environment of Sandia Peak, a tree must take what foothold it can…
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Nothing Is Perfect

Rose with fly.

Some people might argue that nothingness is indeed the only possible perfection.

But this is hardly the colloquial sense of the phrase. No, I’m just reiterating what we all know but sometimes fail to take to heart.

Nothing is perfect. Imperfection is at the core of reality. Life stems from imperfection, from a copying error or a random jostle. Where there is only perfection, beauty cannot take hold. Perfection is static, imperfection is dynamic (which is why a perpetual motion machine is impossible).

Greek weavers weave a mistake into their tapestries, so as not to suffer the fate of Arachne. This is unnecessary: all the work of human hands is flawed and Athena’s jealousy has long since burned out.

A Year Ago: Sunset Over the Mesa

Sunset seen from Sandia Peak, ABQ, NMWe took a few hours off and rode the Tramway up to Sandia Peak…
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Let It Rain

I freely admit it was a thrill to see water flowing on demand in my home-to-be.

A Year Ago: Intersections

Trashcan & tiling, Albuquerque health club.Life doesn’t compartmentalize the way art does…
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Pen & Gobstopper [Palette]

Striped pen and green candy.

I leave the generation of a color palette from this image as an exercise for the viewer. ;-)

A Year Ago: Hanging Heart

Wall Sculpture at Los Griegos Library, Albuquerque, NM

Lots of hard work…
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The day fades, the moon rises, and the glamour of the night begins. A disc of earth separates from the ground and begins to spin. The lovely pale children, luminous sprites, grab hold of the flowery uprights and their laughter is a whisper of chimes. Fallen petals tickle their dancing, translucent feet.

Beware, mortal! A moonlit vision of the rosy maypole carousel can make a lunatic of the strongest mind.

Table & Shadow

Metal outdoor table and shadow.

I know that whoever designed this table intended for the shadow it would cast to be part of its appeal.

I love that.

One Year Ago: Cup

Ceramic cup on wooden tray.Probably the single most thoroughly competent human being I know is my friend Lynn…
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