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So I had another birthday, and it was a lovely day (despite the gray weather) involving a behind-the-scenes land tour at Biltmore, quality time with my man, and a tasty meal at the The Admiral in West Asheville.

I’m starting to feel a little parched for lack of new photographic material lately—I mean other than endless pictures of the kitten—so I need to make a deliberate outing to acquire some more images. Time for some rust and decay, wouldn’t you say?

Until I manage to do that, let me share this bit of magnificence with you (hat tip again to Bob).

A Year Ago: The Big Picture

Woman collecting stones below waterfall.They’re fascinating, the details. You can get your hands around them…
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Path’s End

Brick path, bench, tulips.

It’s mid-August (my lots-of-fives birthday is this weekend) and yet summer seems just about over. Temperatures are in the 60s today and people with kids are talking about school again. I’m feeling a bit somber.

A Year Ago: Biltmore Stallion

Stallion at Bilmore Estate, Asheville, NCHere, have a horse…
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Unfurling plant.

I’m giving myself the day off, but I suspect that there will be some yard work. Weather is glorious, and I’m thinking maybe I’ll take my dinner outdoors later.

A Year Ago: Tree

Rest stop landscape drama.

No words…
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An Aside

I’m starting a little side project: The Conversational Muse. Any thoughts on the initial presentation are welcome.

Anybody who’d be willing to contribute some kind of testimonial regarding my ability to be helpful in this way, please let me know.

A Year Ago: American Dream

Bilmore Mansion, Asheville, NC
Home Sweet Home.…
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Industrial stuff at the top of Mt. Pisgah, NC

Some people object to the transmission tower atop Mt. Pisgah. There’s no denying that it’s not a thing of beauty, or that it puts a distinctly industrial marker at the very pinnacle one of the most glorious ranges of Western North Carolina.

And yet.

It’s ugly but functional. The sheer obnoxiousness of it does put one in mind of how beautiful and pristine everything around it is. And, for all that, it’s not so dominating of the landscape (except up close).

Up close is where you’ll find the little bit of industrial outcropping of today’s image. Don’t ask me what it actually is.

A Year Ago: Evangeline

Starbucks coffee cup with name on it.“Have you changed your shampoo, or something?”…
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In The Woods

Black and white image of tree trunks and foliage.

Oh the yin and yang of it all.

For example: extremely cute kitten who will snuggle up to you angelically with a downy soft tummy and purr like an itty-bitty race car. But: also runs like a crazed Le Mans driver in a circuit around the top of your living room furniture yowling demonically as if his tail were on fire and then comes to sit on your chest so you can’t read your book while biting your hand and leaving poopy footprints on your shirt.

Or: wonderful new house in convenient location with big yard and nice neighbors and a lovely place to entertain. But also, huge yard that requires constant tending, heaps of stuff to organize, blinds to put up, stuff to sell on Craigslist, and an endless cycle of cleaning.

And again: interesting job with variety, plenty to learn, people to serve and interact with. But also: very hard to get going as a new business, lots of technicalities, endless opportunities for deals to go south.

This much is true: I am totally not bored.

Also: a big birthday shout-out to my beloved friend Joanna. Here’s a picture from her trip to DC two years ago, during our visit to Mt. Vernon.

Mt. Vernon, Virginia.

Red Cap

Red mushroom.

The rain has returned today, but I don’t mind.

The City of Asheville came and filled in the sharp-edged trench where the water line was dug right in front of my driveway. My kitten had a successful and untraumatic visit to the vet (as far as I can tell) this morning. I missed the FedEx delivery of my blinds, but I expect I’ll get them tomorrow.

I’m having my first non-boyfriend invited guest over for afternoon tea today. I have decided not to worry about the ongoing chaos of the settling-in. She can cope!

Although I still have heaps and heaps on my plate, I’m feeling optimistic today.

A Year Ago: Day’s Eyes

Bright daisies, abstracted.I don’t remember when it was I learned that daisies were originally “day’s eyes,” but…
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Flowers with water droplets.

Sometimes the image right out of the camera is just fine, but it doesn’t say what you want it to say—at least today.

This image is one such case. Much as I admired the vibrant colors and sparkling water-droplets, I felt the need for something a little less brash. Something softer and more forgiving. Something gentler.

So I busted out some software moves, and with a little bit of post-processing came up with what you see here. If you like the original better, I don’t blame you at all.

I just was in a mood to do things a little gently this evening.

A Year Ago: Imprinted

Don’t Feed The Troll

Small troll sculpture in rock setting at Wamboldtopia.

Always good advice, even when the troll is as cute and smugly inanimate as this one. You never know!

Two Years Ago: Orbs

Sundial and cistern cap, Monticello, VAThomas Jefferson may have been a brilliant statesman and a very clever man indeed, but he was also something of an obsessive-compulsive…
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