What Doesn’t Kill You

I am mindful that modern medicine saved my life back in April. Let me be crystal clear: YAY, SCIENCE!! I am grateful to be alive.

There’s no denying, however, that there have been consequences. I am not as strong or as robust as I was before the appendicitis. I have internal scars that pull and tug in uncomfortable ways sometimes. The feeling of bodily integrity I once enjoyed is no longer present. I am acutely aware of being a collection of parts.

This skinbag of organs and muscles and bones is not as resilient as it used to be. My physical plant was always younger than my years. I enjoyed very good health for a long time, and I confess that I took it for granted. The passage of time and other such outrages have stripped away that luxury.

I’ll spare us all the list of things that don’t work quite right, the litany of complaints major and minor. I will say, however, that all this makes me focus more acutely on what I can do and experience, while I can do it.

Use it before you lose it, that’s my new motto. Procrastination is now an even more disastrous strategy than it used to be. The stuff I put off today, I may not even be ABLE to do tomorrow.

Carpe diem, friends.

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