Art Bridge

Superseded bridge, Asheville, NC

Unlike yesterday’s modern bridge, today’s was literally passed over. But not by us. No, we stopped to have a look at this urban relic, no longer open to traffic and now frequented mostly by graffiti taggers.

Bob knows my penchant for the decrepit and distressed, abandoned architectural elements, the leavings of civilization. We were on our way home, but he cheerfully pulled over so that we could explore. It’s possible that he may have acquired the taste himself.

Two Years Ago: Carousel Colors

Old-fashioned carousel and color palette.I haven’t yet been able to make anything approaching a good photograph of the old-fashioned carousel at Glen Echo…
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One Response to Art Bridge
  1. Bob Woolley
    November 4, 2013 | 2:27 pm

    Me likey.