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Biltmore Vista

View from the side gazebo.

Today is cold, windy, and grey—but yesterday was all autumn glory. My friend Sonali and I took a turn around the Estate, enjoying the warm sun, delicious air, still-colorful leaves, and the silver glinting threads of spider web woven through the green grass of a knoll overlooking the French Broad.

The walk would have been great had I been on my own, but it was that much more fabulous for being shared with a kindred spirit.

Two Years Ago: Small Packages

Deluxe individual packaged herbal teabags.They say good things come in small packages…
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Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 3—Clean Up!

Cat silhouetted against yellow walls.

Dishes no longer sit in the sink. Food has to be put away right away after meals. I must vacuum regularly. I can’t leave papers strewn about on every surface. Clothes must be promptly returned to their proper locations after wearing.

The litter box gets attended to at least twice daily, and thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Cat toys can cause death if left to randomly roll about on on the floor. Tchotchkes better be able to tolerate getting swiped from their perches, or they are banished to storage. That thing you left out that you think the kitten won’t be the slightest bit interested in? I’m telling you the kitty is going to be very interested indeed in that thing. Put it away or watch it meet its end.

Wash your hands. A lot.

In return for all this orderliness and hygiene, you get to stick your face into the Nirvana of soft white furriness that is a kitty belly.

Never doubt that it’s worth it.

A Year Ago: Slice of Car

Blue car in parking garage.It’s been awhile since there’s been any urban imagery…
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Silhouetted trees at sunset.

Up too late, up too early. My time is out of joint. The sliver of moon offers some small encouragement.

A Year Ago: This Land Is My Land

My piece of Asheville, NC.Life surely takes some unexpected twists and turns…
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Emerald Float

Grafitti mural with train, River Arts District, Asheville, NC

I decided not to go to Florida to assist my sister Margo with the memorial and other tasks associated with the death of my aunt Phyllis. There was no way to get there and back that didn’t involve either a ridiculous amount of transit time or an extended stay in Fort Myers. And it was all going to be expensive.

I feel hideously selfish.

A Year Ago: Autumn Flags

Red leavesThings are moving along here…
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Mackerel Sky

Mackerel clouds, blue sky, yellow tree, Asheville, NC

Yesterday I voted in Asheville’s mayoral and city council elections. Once again, surprisingly few other people did. (Please note: if you want to be mayor of Asheville, you can do it by getting 9000 people to vote for you. The winning candidate received under 8500 votes.) It seems patently obvious than in a small city, a person who wishes to become politically active can in fact make a difference.


And would you look at that sky? That’s what I get to wake up to.

A Year Ago: Vote


I seem to be on a mini bridge binge. This one oughta hold us for awhile.

A Year Ago: Home is where the hearth is.

Shelves with food, sink, and counter top.This is the most basic kitchen I’ve ever worked with…
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Art Bridge

Superseded bridge, Asheville, NC

Unlike yesterday’s modern bridge, today’s was literally passed over. But not by us. No, we stopped to have a look at this urban relic, no longer open to traffic and now frequented mostly by graffiti taggers.

Bob knows my penchant for the decrepit and distressed, abandoned architectural elements, the leavings of civilization. We were on our way home, but he cheerfully pulled over so that we could explore. It’s possible that he may have acquired the taste himself.

Two Years Ago: Carousel Colors

Old-fashioned carousel and color palette.I haven’t yet been able to make anything approaching a good photograph of the old-fashioned carousel at Glen Echo…
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Over The River

Highway over Hominy Creek Park, French Broad River, Asheville, NC

We went for a late afternoon walk in Hominy Creek Park.

Two Years Ago: Classic Bird

Great Blue Heron, Sanibel, FLMy trip to Key West is less than two weeks away…
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Blue Ridge Beauty

Bull Creek Valley overlook.

No way I’m letting this Fall pass without the obligatory Western North Carolina beauty shot.

Bonus panorama (click for access to hugeosity):

Two Years Ago: Light & Glass

Harmon Hall, Washington, DCSome buildings do well even when the weather is a mess…
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Closing The First Year

Decorated porch for Halloween.

A year ago today I arrived in Asheville to stay.

Honestly, I can’t even believe it’s been so long. And yet—I can. No portion of my life has been left unchanged by this change. And while much remains yet unsettled, there’s no denying that the adventure, the challenge, the sheer difference of my life here has been invigorating.

I was able to welcome trick-or-treaters (all eight of them!) to my very own home for the first time, last night. That may not seem like a big deal to you old hands, but I can’t tell you the THRILL I got hearing one little girl say to her parents as she reached the street “That lady was so nice!”

The art scene, the very beautiful natural setting, the great weather (now that it’s not raining excessively) are all hunky-dory. The new career that I may eventually actually make some money at is good too. But what has made the transition most rewarding has been the kindness and welcome of people who live here, and the friends I am making amongst natives and newcomers alike. Asheville attracts and keeps an eclectic blend of interesting and interested folk.

I am glad to be one of them.

Man on porch holding Halloween candy bowl.

I will confess I didn’t think he would do it. But he did. Bob packed up his life in Las Vegas and moved to Asheville on my account. It has been a wonderful anchor to my life to have him here. I am glad that he seems to have few regrets about his choice.

There are many things I miss about DC—and most especially my friends there (Happy Birthday, Jocelyn!). I miss the hum of big city life and the in-pressing of a zillion different options. But I am learning to find my excitement in quieter corners.

I’m happy here.

Two Years Ago: Corner Intersection

Detail of the Harman Theatre.Layer confusion, reflections, transparency, geometry…
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