Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 6—Purr

Cat nestled into extended legs.

There are many things one can say in praise of cats: they are elegant, fearsome, independent, athletic, soft ‘n’ furry, warm, etc. But I will tell you that my very favorite thing about cats is that they purr.

The rumbling vibrations of a purring cat will pass into your body and fix what ails you. A contentedly purring cat is its own reward. I have rarely had less doubt of my value as a living being than when my petting and presence has caused a cat to commence to purr.

This is one of the things that human beings often fail to recognize: expressing pleasure so that another knows you are experiencing it is a great gift to the other. Lovers yearn to hear the ecstatic moans of their partners. Cooks love to hear contented grunts and mmmmms as their food is consumed. Writers love the gasp of enjoyment when a reader is blown over by a wonderful turn of phrase or twist of plot. Children live to hear that their behavior and accomplishments have brought delight and pride to their parents.

You made me happy.
That feels so good.
I’m having such a wonderful time with you.
Your gift is delightful.
Your thoughtfulness warms my heart.
This is great.
What a wonderful meal.

Simple words that, if spoken sincerely, are the purr that lets someone know they have brought us pleasure. And isn’t that what we all want? To know that we have made someone feel good?

Don’t make them guess whether their actions are pleasing. Purr!

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