Winter daisy in conservatory.

When I moved to Asheville, I wondered whether my friends of nearly two decades in DC and from elsewhere would be willing to make the trek here to see me. It’s not exactly a hub of the travel universe, Asheville, and finding your way here requires either a long drive or an annoying number of plane changes.

So far I have been blessed to receive quite a few guests in my new home. My sister and niece, my college friend Carole, Deb who I met my first day on the job at the Smithsonian, and then this past holiday weekend came the visit from Jocelyn. I am so grateful and touched that these people choose to spend some of their precious spare time and resources to come and stay with me.

The weather was cold but mostly sunny, and I was able to give Jocelyn a pocket tour of my new town and use a seasonal guest pass to take her to the Biltmore Estate. It was a lovely time. (Today’s picture is from the garden conservatory.)

Dear friends: allow me to assure you that Asheville looks quite different and has different pastimes to enjoy in each of the four (temperate) seasons! Please visit again and again!

A Year Ago: Cat’s Eye

Close-up of Sweetheart, a shelter kitty.

This is Sweetheart, a resident at Pet Harmony…
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