Spring pansy.

In the 70s today, immaculate sky.

The kitty and I meander around the yard enjoying the sunshine and the warm breezes. Really, there’s nothing wrong with it at all, and even the the bleeding thumbprick I received from yanking brambles without gloves on doesn’t rankle.

Many sections of the yard are carpeted with fuzzy spires topped with little pink blossoms (I think Lynn identified it as heal-all, but the pictures I found online seem to differ). There are also numerous little pansy-type flowers scattered hither and yon. I’m doing everything I can to encourage these attractive volunteers which seem to do just fine in competition with less attractive weeds and grasses.

A Year Ago: Woodland Walk

Sketchy monochrom panorama of woods and mountsins.[Click here for hugeous, enlargeable version in a new window.] Another in the notorious series of “sketches” that are no such thing…
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