Beyond the Wire

Fence with razor wire, rooftops, bridge overhead.

My mood is pretty messed up, and I’m feeling kinda ropey physically. It’s not a great combination. I’m experiencing the transition to the warmth and growth of Spring as somehow a painful process this season

The anniversary of my emergency appendectomy came and went. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.

My yard is becoming lush. It’s incredibly beautiful—the violet carpet of pansies, bright yellow dandelions, and a variety of tiny little blue and white flowers. The aging tree in the center of the property has put out a delicate tracery of new leaves. The poplar, oak, and black walnuts have yet to leaf. Of the 21 saplings I planted, I think maybe a handful will take and flourish.

The Great Bramble War of 2014 continues in a series of brutal skirmishes, in which I wrestle long, thick ropes of networked roots out of the ground and yet there are always more. And there are thorns.

A Year Ago: Spring, As Seen From the House O’ Sickness

Little flowers.I will now confess to being somewhat cranky and aggrieved…
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