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It’s perfectly natural to pay attention to things that you care about. If you care about your lover, you pay attention to him or her. If you care about justice, you pay attention to the way it is administered in your society. If you care about your appearance, you pay attention to how you look in the mirror.

I think it’s a little less obvious, but nonetheless no less true, that the opposite is also the case: you begin to care about the things to which you pay attention.

So, what do you want to care about?

If you pay attention to your lover, your love for him or her is likely to grow.

If you pay a lot of attention to your appearance, you’ll care even more how you look.

If you pay attention to how justice is administered, you’ll come to care that it be administered, well, justly.

If you pay attention to a lot of celebrity gossip, you’re going to wind up caring about who’s divorcing whom and why.

If you pay attention to the opinions of talking heads, you’ll start to actually care what they think and take it seriously.

If you pay attention to the little things that annoy you, over time they’ll seem less little and gradually become seriously upsetting.

You attention is a valuable substance, and it doesn’t come in unlimited quantity. Use it wisely, on things you actually want to care about.

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One Response to In This Corner
  1. Beth
    May 16, 2014 | 8:41 pm

    Seriously good advice that I needed to hear today. Thanks.