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Happy Birthday To Me

Foam residue on beer glass.

What a strange birthday. I woke unaccountably early and spent most of it by myself, as Bob is off gallivanting around the UK with his family.

My obsession with the events in Ferguson, MO had me following the #Ferguson hashtag like a crazy woman most of the day. Eventually I puked up a Facebook post on the subject.

Without a police force that is accountable to elected officials who represent their interests, a community is at the mercy of a militarized police force. The prioritization of property over persons, the willingness to respond with massive escalation (indeed “overkill” is the germane term), and the disregard for the fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed rights of assembly and free speech being shown by authorities in Ferguson is terrifying.

Then I went out into the yard and yanked a bunch of objectionable plants out of the dirt until I was hot and sweaty and had had enough.

I showered and decided that spending the entire day alone was not a good idea, so went along to my bi-weekly Monday night discussion group, where the topic was morality. I had a beer, some excellent onion rings, and a darned good conversation. I came home to a birthday card mailed in a timely fashion by Bob to arrive today. Thank you, sweetheart.

I can hope for the company of Loki a little later this evening and the blessing of a quiet mind ready for a good night’s sleep.

Two Years Ago: Hickory Nut Falls

Chimney Rock Falls, NCThe updating will all have to wait…
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Where The Weeds Grow

Weeds and graffiti, Asheville, NC

Apparently the weeds grow *here*. Welcome to my corner of the world wide cobweb.

I’m looking at the calendar trying to figure out why I haven’t managed to post a thing in weeks. I think I’ve been really busy, but I’m not at all clear on why I haven’t managed to scrape together a blog entry.

So here, have some metaphorically meaningful weeds. I’ll try to be a better caretaker going forward.

A Year Ago: Relic

Industrial stuff at the top of Mt. Pisgah, NCSome people object to the transmission tower atop Mt. Pisgah…
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