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Waterrock Knob

Blue Ridge Parkway

What a lovely day! We panted our way up the half-mile trail to the top of Waterrock Knob (second highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway). The weather was impeccable and the views were lovely. This last segment of the Parkway is incredibly gorgeous. The first image is looking East, back toward Mt. Pisgah.

This view is looking South.

This is looking North, with Maggie Valley below, behind the wildflowers.

Man on wooded path.

Then we went and played some poker at Cherokee. Wins all around, yay!

[Update: You might enjoy reading Bob's take on the day.]

A Year Ago: Masonry

SidewalkI read something yesterday (which I won’t link to because it’s both gratuitously nasty and insane) that reminded me how easy it is to fall into paranoid delusion…
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Cranes and buildings against sky with clouds, Asheville, NC

The Autumnal Equinox has been and gone and we’ve had an essentially instantaneous transition to Fall. Cool, dry, fresh and crisp, blue-skies: BOOM! Autumn!

Everything else, not so much with the clean transitions. Loki’s been ill. Things could be going a whole lot more smoothly with my work. I have a list of to-dos that reaches half-way to the harvest moon.

At the moment, I’m feeling inadequate to just about every task on my plate. I need an incomplete.

A Year Ago: Pole Sitter

Sculpture shadow, Knoxville airport, TNThe Stylites, or pillar-saints, believed that their ascetic practice of fasting, praying, and preaching…
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No Exit

The change of season is happening rapidly. It’s been stormy on and off for days.

My internal weather has been pretty gloomy recently too: hence the appropriately existential photo for today.

This too shall pass.

Yoga Vane

Lululemon Yoga Vane, Asheville, NC

I want to say, on the one hand: TOTALLY ASHEVILLE.
And, on the other hand: TOTALLY NOT ASHEVILLE.

Because yoga vanity.
Because corporate, not crunchy.

I guess, like the arrow, it can point a whole bunch of different ways.

Two Years Ago: Little Cloud

Evening sky with small cloud, Asheville, NCIf you want to be a photographer, you have to be a bit of a stalker…
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Abandoned industrial building, Asheville, NC

The pattern of neglect has yet to be broken.

Why has my photograph habit fallen by the wayside lately? I can think of a few reasons:

  • Technical disappointment. This is a weird one, as I’ve been shooting the same cameras quite happily for a long time now. But photographing that wedding in terrible light just frustrated the heck out of me, and made me realize that I miss photographing people, candidly, in low light. So I’ve been trolling photography sites and jonesing after camera equipment I can’t afford.
  • Other life stuff. The boyfriend, the yard, the real estate work, the friends, the house, the amulets, etc. etc. There seems to be a long list of items ahead in the priority queue these days. Again, not entirely sure why, but some of it has to do with…
  • Feeling stale. I need a visual jolt of some kind: subject matter or purpose or process.

Since neither of these things are susceptible of immediate, obvious remedy, I’ll just do what I’ve always done. Keep looking, photographing when moved to do so. It’s worth noting that I essentially stopped photographing for more than a decade at one point, and then came roaring back. I doubt I’m looking at a similar hiatus.

I’m not going to sweat it and I hope you won’t either. I’m about as happy with today’s picture as I am with any picture I’ve made in a long time. So there’s that!

A Year Ago: Rust Grid

What do you get when you go below the rust belt?…
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