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Wall Bumps, Cherokee

Concrete wall, post, shadows, trees.

Every now and then I make a photograph that I love well beyond normal. This is one of them. It charms the *heck* out of me.

Let me point out some of the reasons I adore this picture.

First of all, the wall bumps. Come ON. Who does that? And why? Whatevs, they are unexpected and adorable. I want to pop them like bubble-wrap.

Then, I ask you to note the green fence and the telephone wires, how they parallel one another. (You may need to look at the Gallery version to see these properly.) Most excellent!

Please also note the extremely vertical pole, with its extremely angular shadow—which is somehow mysteriously completed at the bottom right of the frame. Awesome!

Kindly note the green green of the grass and the evergreen bushes and the sere winter brown of the rest of the trees. It’s almost as if the seasons change from the left side of the pole to the right. Freaky!

And then there’s the shadow filigree of the vines hanging down on the wall, like inverted icicle Christmas lights. Evocative!

The whole thing looks like a concrete musical score to me. It’s both abstract and not abstract.

This photo was taken with my iPhone. I wish I’d had a better quality camera with me, as the detail is not what it could be. Still: luurrrrrve it!

A Year Ago: Orange Hospitality

Oranges in cut glass bowl with shadows.
How lucky I am to have friends who offer me hospitality…
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Heart of Light

Sliced end of romaine lettuce.

This is the time of year, experience tells me, when the melancholy really starts to settle in—the cold and the grey, the short day and the long, dark night, the holidays that can feel as if they make a mockery of the sadness in one’s bones. Everything I can do to forestall the slide is worth doing. And the simplest and most direct thing that works for me, I’ve found, is to be of service to someone else.

I was scheduled to serve as healing intercessor at the 5:45pm service at my church, The Cathedral of All Souls. I made my way there in the early nightfall, feeling glum but dutiful . Altogether we were five: four parishioners and the priest. We said the prayers, shared the bread and wine. I expected that I would not be called upon. But I was—among the five of us, two asked for the laying on of hands. One of the two was, in fact, in deep distress. By being there, by being able to offer what she needed, I felt once again tremendously privileged and deeply grateful to be present and useful.

You never really know what you have to offer until you show up for someone who needs it. Every day that I can offer something kind and helpful and constructive is a day worth getting out of bed for.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

A Year Ago: Lissitzky Light

Transmitted and bounced light on the wall.Things are a lot sunnier in the recent pictures than they have been in actuality…
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Wine bottles hanging from a winery tree.

I think I should plant one in my yard, don’t you?

A Year Ago: Oak River

Bark of an old oak tree.This grandfather oak had dynamic, swirling bark that flowed like a river delta…
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One of These Things…

Human Shadow and Utility meters on acid green wall.

…is not like the others. Yes, that’s me among the machines. I’m looking a little one-dimensional, don’t you think?

In other news:

My dear friend Sonali has a new house, which I helped her find and purchase. Finally, something useful about being a realtor!

My dear friend David has a birthday today! Happy birthday and many, many happy returns of the day!

I’m hoping for a little bit of breather, as there is lots of stuff around the house that needs tending to. I have to get my desktop computer fixed. My study has got to be reorganized into a more functional configuration. I need to set up the new real estate blog.

Before the end of the year, I intend to finish up the courses I need to get rid of my provisional status, and cover my regular CE for the year as well.

A Year Ago: Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 3—Clean Up!

Cat silhouetted against yellow walls.

Dishes no longer sit in the sink. Food has to be put away right away after meals…
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RAD or Key West?

Exteriors in River Arts District, Asheville, NC

Before our early snowstorm, we had more than a week of gloriously sunny autumn weather. I have hiking pictures to prove it, which I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing, eventually. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at Pizza Pura after marching around in Dupont State Park. The color scheme here put me in mind of the Keys.

Somehow I totally managed to overlook the anniversary of my move to Asheville. This must mean that I think of this place as my home now, and that it is no longer a novelty (or a just a place that’s not DC).

That’s probably a good thing, don’t you think?

A Year Ago: Valet

I seem to be on a mini bridge binge
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