Miniature waterfall at Asheville Botanical Garden.

ISO 125, f/5, handheld at 1/10 sec., 20 megapixels.

This is not an image I could ever get out of my iPhone. Or indeed my venerable GF-1 without a tripod.

I wanted the new LX100, a gorgeous, ergonomically excellent camera. In fact, I bought one. But the sensor failed on me after fewer than 50 exposures. Back to Amazon it went. I debated whether I wanted a replacement, but ultimately decided for a camera that would genuinely fit in a pocket—a camera I’d have no excuse not to have on me just about all the time.

Enter the Sony RX100M3.

It’s a new era: I now have a carry-everywhere camera that can handle easily 80% of the kind of images I want to make. The zoom is a 24-70mm FF equivalent. It takes some getting used to having all the controls be menu-driven. That’s not my favorite, for sure. The trade off is that I can make choices with this camera that my iPhone could never offer. And although it was pricey, this is my first real camera purchase in 6 years. Technology moves so fast now, it’s possible that something significantly more compelling will show up sooner than I expect. But for now, I think this will do me nicely.


Corroded barge with markings.All I saw was the tasty corrosion and the artful strip of hanging metal…
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