Fence & Flare

Black & white image of gravel road, wood fence, winter trees, sun flare.

I’m tempted to say that I picked the wrong year to get my first flu shot—since I’m now two weeks into my yuletide bout with influenza. (I’m finally well on the way to recovery, but it was a pretty miserable haul right through the middle of the holiday.) The CDC says that they missed the most virulent strain this year, although it’s likely that the vaccination afforded some protection from the full brunt of it.

Whatevs. I survived. BARELY. :D

2014 is galloping to a close. It feels like it was yet another transitional year. Not a bad year, but not a year of great strides or accomplishments. I am guardedly optimistic that 2015 will be even more rewarding.

On an image-making note, I’m really enjoying playing with black-and-white using the new camera’s ENORMOUS files with their plethora of detail. This one is from a stroll that Bob and I took in the NC Arboretum in mid-December.

The light is no longer waning: hallelujah!

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2 Responses to Fence & Flare
  1. Susan Elliott
    December 30, 2014 | 5:23 pm

    Great shot. I love black and white photography.

  2. Dave Memphis MOJO
    December 30, 2014 | 5:35 pm

    Love the lines and the shadows.

    Sorry to hear you’re ill, and here’s wishing you a complete recovery.