Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me—Number 12: Start The Day With Love

Kitty sleeping on bed with paw extended

Those of you who’ve known me for a long time know that I am not a morning person. Really, this cannot be overstated.

I hate alarm clocks. I loathe dragging myself from the arms of Morpheus any sooner than absolutely necessary, and much prefer to wake naturally when the god of sleep releases me himself into consciousness.

So why, you may ask (and rightly so), would I willingly set my alarm a whole hour earlier than actually needed for my morning obligations? WHY????

Because every day is better when it starts with love.

In the evening, Loki will curl up with his head on my ankles. When I turn out the light, he moves up and curls up next to my torso. By morning, he is near or on my head. As I stir, he will knead my neck or scalp, and push his furry face right up to mine.

To describe this as adorable is to exercise serious understatement.

In the course of a quiet hour before I actually get up from bed, I get to pet the cat. I get to snorgle the supersoft kitty-belly. I get caressed on the cheek by a gentle forepaw. Loki will curl up in the curve of my arm and my whole body will resonate to the purr vibrations. Sometimes I’ll sit up and read, but much of the time I just hang out in a dozy fashion with my kitty.

This practice is the ultimate stress-buster. It’s just impossible to feel miserable and aggravated while lounging around with a furry bundle of affection. And it is well worth the hour-earlier start to the day to not rush from bed to board to door in an empty and frantic fashion.

Because I was consistent with him as a kitten, Loki knows that he is not going to either get fed or get let out right away when I wake up. He knows that this is a togetherness time. Every now and then he’ll indicate a certain impatience after half an hour or so. Because I trust his temperament and our routine, I know he’s not gratuitously making a fuss, and will get up sooner than usual to tend to his needs.

This is the royal road to peace and contentment: start the day with love.

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