Monthly Archives: April 2015

Under Stairs

Exterior meal stairs, window, shadows, curtain.

Where the hell have I been?

Yeah, I’m wondering that too. Somehow the vim and zip has gone right out of my blogging habit.

I had a great photo outing to Marshall, NC last weekend. The weather was glorious, and I came back with all sorts of pictures of falling-apart-things, many of which I actually quite like. But when I thought of posting them here suddenly I was all, well, “meh.”

I’m not sure why.

I feel that I’ve gone stale and need to do something to shake things up. It’s not for lack of images to post, or even things to write about, really. I think I’ve lost motivation because I perceive a lack of purpose and feedback.

I need to ponder on it. There may be some kind of reboot. Thanks for hanging in while I figure it out.

A Year Ago: Opening: Closed

Boarded up window in old brick building.Perhaps I’m more easily discouraged than others…
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