About This Site

It’s so easy to go through life without appreciation, despite the whole vibrating, pulsing, glowing gloriousness of the world around us. I have embarked on a daily practice of noticing and sharing beauty: one small effort to counteract the laziness of obliviousness, dismissal, and cynicism that can gradually sour our outlook on just about everything.

As a direct result of producing this site for a year, I ended up starting a new business: Something Beautiful LLC. My first products can be found at Quellebelle™ | Artisan Silk Scarves. Take a look! I hope you like them.

If you like the photographs you see in the blog, please check out FRAME THIS Magazine. You can buy an issue with 16 great 8×10 prints of images from this site to cut, frame, and display for just $20. It’s an easy, fun, low-commitment way to bring something beautiful into your environment.

I welcome your comments and thoughts. My name is Nina Tovish; please don’t hesitate to write me (NT) at this domain (somebeaut).