Open City latte.

'Coffee'—One of the 16 images in FRAME THIS Magazine: Volume 1.

Why spend a fortune on expensive prints for your home, dorm, or office? Get sixteen great-looking images—perfectly sized to slip into affordable 8″ x 10″ frames—for a buck and a quarter each!

These pictures are selected to go together well in groups. Hang four in a cluster, for example, or run five or six along a hallway. Swap them in and out whenever the whim takes you: no mat required!

Each issue of FRAME THIS Magazine features 16 images chosen from Something Beautiful’s Gallery pages. For $20 (including postage), you get high-quality reproductions at a low-commitment price.

Check out the premiere issue: Volume 1.

Why such a bargain?

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.—William Morris

I’m pricing these pictures reasonably because I want you to have them! I figure that for $20—and the cost of a couple of inexpensive frames from Ikea or Michaels or Pottery Barn—you’ll be willing to throw a few up on the wall and see how you like them.

I also think that FRAME THIS Magazine would make a fantastic gift for the person setting up a first apartment. I’d like to help people get started in the habit of surrounding themselves with beauty.