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Golden Future

Today, rather than focus on my (as always) copious opinions on the topic “Always Be Learning,” I thought I’d give you another look at the before & after of a photograph. This is the facade of the Reuter Center, home of the University of North Carolina/Asheville’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute—also known as the College for…

Garden Geometry

In which we demonstrate the value of perspective by identifying the vanishing point. A Year Ago: Jockey’s Ridge Perfect weather, lovely company, dunes, and no agenda… [read more]

Peridot Passage

I’ve photographed this passageway and its twin before. Let me be clear: I don’t think this stairwell in Shirlington is a gem of architectural genius. On most objective grounds it’s darn ugly. And yet, there’s something about the shapes and rhythms, the patterns of light and dark, the loops of the handrail, the river of…

The Gilded Age

This structure is almost psychedelic. Two Years Ago: Face to Face He came straight to me, close in, straining against his mother’s hand… [read more]

Incidental Geometry

There was a significant amount of swearing involved in the creation of this image. I was walking along with Crystal on the pedestrian mall at Silver Spring, marveling at the blue sky and 80º weather. I spot a plane leaving a narrow white chalk-mark across the pristine sky in pleasing juxtaposition with the nearby architecture….

Light & Glass

Some buildings do well even when the weather is a mess. It may even be that Harman Hall looks better when skies are gray. Despite the mismanagement of traffic flow during TEDxMidAtlantic, I really enjoyed being in the building.

God’s Eye View

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of flying (by your own power, not in a vehicle). I used to have flying dreams all the time. The catch was—in my dreams—that I couldn’t fly if anyone was watching. If someone saw me, I would quickly lose altitude; if I was on the ground, I wouldn’t…

Sail On

With yet another end-of-days meme on its way—Hurricane Irene, which I have dubbed Irenegnarok—I thought I’d provide a little calm and stability as a counter-balance to the general elevation of anxiety. This is another image from the archive, a nautically-themed exterior of an apartment building in South Beach, Miami. I love the monochrome serenity of…

Rattled, But Still Standing

There was a rumble, almost below hearing, and then my apartment began to shake, rattle, and roll. The outside wall of my apartment shimmied. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and would be quite content to never ever see anything like it again. A couple of pictures fell off the wall, and a few…

Coming or Going

This facade adorns a corner of Charlottesville’s Market Street pedestrian mall. If I recall correctly, it used to be a bank. It looks as if it was in the process of being converted to mixed retail-living space when the economic bottom dropped out. It’s got a little bit of almost everything I like. Exposed architectural…