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RAD or Key West?

Before our early snowstorm, we had more than a week of gloriously sunny autumn weather. I have hiking pictures to prove it, which I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing, eventually. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at Pizza Pura after marching around in Dupont State Park. The color scheme here put me in…

Asheville Provençale

The south of France in Spring? No: Asheville, NC in October. Little surprises that delight. A Year Ago: Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 1—It’s A Good Thing You Didn’t Have Kids I’ve been sick for the last several days and have been spending most of my time in bed… [read more]

Yoga Vane

I want to say, on the one hand: TOTALLY ASHEVILLE. And, on the other hand: TOTALLY NOT ASHEVILLE. Because yoga vanity. Because corporate, not crunchy. I guess, like the arrow, it can point a whole bunch of different ways. Two Years Ago: Little Cloud If you want to be a photographer, you have to be…

Where The Weeds Grow

Apparently the weeds grow *here*. Welcome to my corner of the world wide cobweb. I’m looking at the calendar trying to figure out why I haven’t managed to post a thing in weeks. I think I’ve been really busy, but I’m not at all clear on why I haven’t managed to scrape together a blog…


Asheville’s got a lot of murals, sometimes in hidden, unexpected places. They change pretty often too. This one somehow seems appropriate for the advent of Summer. A Year Ago: Nothing Is Perfect Some people might argue that nothingness is indeed the only possible perfection… [read more]

Sunset Tree

Sometimes you just want a postcard. (Incidentally, same spot as the Biltmore Sketch.) A Year Ago: Winter Walk This is a level, non-rocky portion of the Graveyard Fields/Upper Falls trail… [read more]

Biltmore Vista

Today is cold, windy, and grey—but yesterday was all autumn glory. My friend Sonali and I took a turn around the Estate, enjoying the warm sun, delicious air, still-colorful leaves, and the silver glinting threads of spider web woven through the green grass of a knoll overlooking the French Broad. The walk would have been…

Emerald Float

I decided not to go to Florida to assist my sister Margo with the memorial and other tasks associated with the death of my aunt Phyllis. There was no way to get there and back that didn’t involve either a ridiculous amount of transit time or an extended stay in Fort Myers. And it was…


I seem to be on a mini bridge binge. This one oughta hold us for awhile. A Year Ago: Home is where the hearth is. This is the most basic kitchen I’ve ever worked with… [read more]

Art Bridge

Unlike yesterday’s modern bridge, today’s was literally passed over. But not by us. No, we stopped to have a look at this urban relic, no longer open to traffic and now frequented mostly by graffiti taggers. Bob knows my penchant for the decrepit and distressed, abandoned architectural elements, the leavings of civilization. We were on…