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Asheville Provençale

The south of France in Spring? No: Asheville, NC in October. Little surprises that delight. A Year Ago: Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 1—It’s A Good Thing You Didn’t Have Kids I’ve been sick for the last several days and have been spending most of my time in bed… [read more]

Seasonal Leaves

Not yet the full spectrum of Fall color. No, now we’re having the quiet slide into the dimmest part of the year. The sun’s down at around seven now. The moon glows brighter in the cooler sky. The dew lingers longer, anticipating the arrival of frost. Autumn is my favorite season, despite the dying of…

Maple Glory

Weather in the 60s today shunts aside the chill of winter, so I hope I may be forgiven a little call-back to October and blazing Japanese maples at the Biltmore Estate. The invasive lady-bugs I thought had succumbed to the cold have woken up for another round of distract-the-cat. At this point I’m welcoming anything…

Autumn Light

The days are still growing shorter, and there’s a deep melancholy settling in—not just for me, but for many of us. Compounded by recent losses and struggles, this darkest part of the year takes a toll. Challenges that feel manageable at other times become exhausting and profoundly disheartening. I’m glad that Thanksgiving is on its…

Sunset Tree

Sometimes you just want a postcard. (Incidentally, same spot as the Biltmore Sketch.) A Year Ago: Winter Walk This is a level, non-rocky portion of the Graveyard Fields/Upper Falls trail… [read more]

Biltmore Vista

Today is cold, windy, and grey—but yesterday was all autumn glory. My friend Sonali and I took a turn around the Estate, enjoying the warm sun, delicious air, still-colorful leaves, and the silver glinting threads of spider web woven through the green grass of a knoll overlooking the French Broad. The walk would have been…

Mackerel Sky

Yesterday I voted in Asheville’s mayoral and city council elections. Once again, surprisingly few other people did. (Please note: if you want to be mayor of Asheville, you can do it by getting 9000 people to vote for you. The winning candidate received under 8500 votes.) It seems patently obvious than in a small city,…

Blue Ridge Beauty

No way I’m letting this Fall pass without the obligatory Western North Carolina beauty shot. Bonus panorama (click for access to hugeosity): Two Years Ago: Light & Glass Some buildings do well even when the weather is a mess… [read more]

The Last Dandelion

My meadow will fall to the scythe (okay, the bush-hog) on Friday. Thanks to the glorious Asheville autumn, I’ve been able to wander around and enjoy the multifarious grasses and the last gasps of efflorescence before the cutting begins. A Year Ago: Postcard From Here The enforced interiority of bad weather is settling upon us……

It’s Fall

The season is changing again. It’s cold in the evening. My visitors have left. A Year Ago: Geekgasm