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Caught in the fog. Caught in the branches. Caught unawares. Caught out. There’s always a catch. A Year Ago: Veranda No amount of googling thus far has enabled me to determine… [read more]

Pewter Sky

It’s not uncommon for writers to reach into the cliché bag and pull out a phrase like “leaden sky” when they wish to convey an atmospherically gloomy day’s weather. But that was not this day. This day had a pewter sky that darkled and gleamed like the surface of a repoussé-adorned drinking vessel. I stopped…

Garage Aura

I was on my way to the movie theatre to see “Nebraska” with Bob, when I had this aesthetic emergency. Looks like it was a monochrome kind of day after all, even with the late appearance of the sun. Apparently, I wound up in black & white two years ago too. Two Years Ago: Late…

Oak River

This grandfather oak had dynamic, swirling bark that flowed like a river delta. Powerful but subtle, firm, and serene. I put my hand on his trunk and asked him to lend me strength.

In The Woods

Oh the yin and yang of it all. For example: extremely cute kitten who will snuggle up to you angelically with a downy soft tummy and purr like an itty-bitty race car. But: also runs like a crazed Le Mans driver in a circuit around the top of your living room furniture yowling demonically as…

Devil’s Head

I’m not sure how to classify the circumstance that results in me being less consistent in posting. On the one hand, being busy and fully engaged is a good thing. On the other, not having as much opportunity or even need to seek out the photographic evidence of beauty seems like a loss. Bob and…

Golden Future

Today, rather than focus on my (as always) copious opinions on the topic “Always Be Learning,” I thought I’d give you another look at the before & after of a photograph. This is the facade of the Reuter Center, home of the University of North Carolina/Asheville’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute—also known as the College for…

Maple Lace

[View the hugeous version.] If forced to pick, I suppose I would choose Japanese maples as my favorite tree. They come in so many varieties. Their elegance is unmatched. And they change so brilliantly with the seasons. A black-and-white representation, then, is a counter-intuitive choice. The original photo is a symphony of new greens, and…

Measuring Up

How much of our time do we spend worrying about measuring up? And what percentage of that time is well spent? I’m all in favor of measuring, but I’ve become increasingly wary of measuring for the sake of comparison. I’m much more interested in my own internal calibration and the helpful viewpoints of trusted advisors….

Welcome to Edwin Place

I wonder if shadows on stairs should be my new new thing. A Year Ago: The Green Life In the middle of one of my treks around the River Arts District and vicinity, I stopped at a juice bar and had a drink composed mostly of green leafy items… [read more]