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Crystal Pool, Derelict

We dip once again into the archives (March 2008) to retrieve today’s image. Here’s the facade of the Crystal Pool at Glen Echo Park. Although the swimming pool was not rebuilt, the facade was “restored” some time after I shot this photograph and—to my mind—promptly lost all of its considerable derelict charm. A Year Ago:…

Farewell to the Chancery

Home for 19 good years. I will miss it, I’m sure. Posting likely to remain light: I’m heading to Asheville again on Wednesday. A Year Ago: Bloggus Interruptus

Tunnel Vision

I’ve just given notice at my apartment building; I’m now committed to being out by October 1. Yikes. There’s a lot, A LOT to do. A Year Ago: An Hallucination of Trumpets That’s what I think the collective noun should be: “I wandered through a glowing grove whose trees were hung with an hallucination of…


Anybody notice anything unusual about this picture (larger version is here)? A Year Ago: Public Display When I was eleven years old, I travelled briefly through Iran… [read more]

Buried Fist

In the version of T’ai Chi I’m studying, there’s a posture in the final third, not far from the end, called “Step Forward to Seven Stars” (why, I have no idea). In any case, it involves winding up with your forearms crossed in front of you, your hands held as fists and the “eyes” of…

Poster Lion at Sunset

Sometimes what’s called for is something completely different. Like, oh I don’t know, a travel poster graphic. A Year Ago: Chess King The poker-player in me admires the guys (and they’re pretty much always guys) who hustle chess in public parks… [read more]

Boot Hill

It was 80ºF this afternoon, more than enough impetus to get me out and taking photographs. It was partly cloudy and the afternoon sun (yay, Daylight Savings Time!) was dodging in and out in an especially attractive fashion. My eye was caught once again by the elevated graveyard and raking light. I shot photos with…

The Impossible Color

“I call that the impossible color.” Lynn and I were strolling through the conservatory at Brookside Gardens this afternoon. “Digital camera CCDs just can’t cope with that particular shade. Something about that purplish blue just completely defeats them.” I held forth briefly on the subject. And then came home to post-process the image I took…

So Pretty

In the annals of sheer prettiness, there’s not a lot to compete with late-afternoon sunlight filtering through new cherry blossoms. Two Years Ago: A Natural Mess Sometimes a walk in the woods doesn’t reveal any pattern of orderliness… [read more]

Pick One

So, so different. A Year Ago: Barn Roof The sun was shining and although the temperature never got up to 40F, I still determined that I needs must get outside… [read more]