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Asheville Provençale

The south of France in Spring? No: Asheville, NC in October. Little surprises that delight. A Year Ago: Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 1—It’s A Good Thing You Didn’t Have Kids I’ve been sick for the last several days and have been spending most of my time in bed… [read more]

No Exit

The change of season is happening rapidly. It’s been stormy on and off for days. My internal weather has been pretty gloomy recently too: hence the appropriately existential photo for today. This too shall pass.

Ghost Ride

While somebody I know was whipping around a speedway in a Ferrari, I was wandering the streets of Harpers Ferry again on foot, this time high up on the hill. I came upon another exceedingly lovely cemetery. Maybe I’ll show you some of the more scenic photographs another time. I was also delighted by a…


When I first moved to my neighborhood, the local five-and-dime G.C. Murphy & Co. had already fallen on hard times. It had balkanized into a village of smaller individual stores: a watch repairman, a tailor, a rug salesman, and so on. The merchandise was pretty low-rent. But, it was a place of business, and sometimes…

Coming or Going

This facade adorns a corner of Charlottesville’s Market Street pedestrian mall. If I recall correctly, it used to be a bank. It looks as if it was in the process of being converted to mixed retail-living space when the economic bottom dropped out. It’s got a little bit of almost everything I like. Exposed architectural…


My favorite part of this picture is the faint “shadow” left by the missing portion of the sign. A Year Ago: Towering Genius In general, you’re not going to see a lot of photographs of works of art here… [read more]


I feel as if if I’ve gotten out of whack in my urban-decay-rust/pretty-flower-cuteness ratio. So here’s some straight-up, old-school, fire hydrant funk for y’all.

Open Book

Modern-day brosimancy* in action: seeking to tell the future by reading the patterns in rust. As is so often the case in legends, the oracle’s answer isn’t really much help—even when it’s clearly intended for you. *(No, Wikipedia is not failing you. I made this word up and probably got the Greek root wrong.)

Klingle Road

Okay, so it’s not quite “Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here,” but it’s not exactly welcoming either, is it? This is the beginning of the closed-off section of Klingle Road to which I made snide reference in passing yesterday. Despite my long residence in DC, I had never walked the abandoned stretch of…

Decay, Two Kinds

Husks, metallic and organic. A Year Ago: Clichéd and Unconcerned This lovely little soul was rescued bodily from the hands of irresponsible custodians… [read more]