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Geometry Theorem

The worst of the cold weather seems to have passed. Still, it’s not frolic-outdoors weather, what with the fog and the rain and the leaden sky and all. It’s more like: hide-under-the-covers weather. (Although my friend Abbie seems to imply that’s not an acceptable strategy. Hmf.) My solution to this dilemma is to carbo-load. And…

RAD or Key West?

Before our early snowstorm, we had more than a week of gloriously sunny autumn weather. I have hiking pictures to prove it, which I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing, eventually. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at Pizza Pura after marching around in Dupont State Park. The color scheme here put me in…

Asheville Provençale

The south of France in Spring? No: Asheville, NC in October. Little surprises that delight. A Year Ago: Lessons My Cat Has Taught Me: Number 1—It’s A Good Thing You Didn’t Have Kids I’ve been sick for the last several days and have been spending most of my time in bed… [read more]

No Exit

The change of season is happening rapidly. It’s been stormy on and off for days. My internal weather has been pretty gloomy recently too: hence the appropriately existential photo for today. This too shall pass.

Aesthetic Emergency

If you spend enough time with me, sooner or later I’m going to interrupt you in mid-sentence (as politely as I can manage), beg your pardon, and dash off to photograph something I’ve just seen in the immediate vicinity. If I’ve known you a long time and/or we are particularly close, I may ask you…

Shadow House

It used to be all about the house. Now it’s all about the yard. I’m afraid I’m turning into one of those people. Seriously, I sometimes look at my life and I ask “Who the hell am I?”

Open to the Public

What a difference a couple of days makes. I’m feeling considerably more cheerful and optimistic than I was then. My mood is undoubtedly helped along by spending several hours a day outdoors in bright sunshine. A Year Ago: Pretty Ugly A few years ago, I mentioned the French concept/term jolie-laide… [read more]

Opening: Closed

Perhaps I’m more easily discouraged than others. Momentum is everything for me. If I can get up a head of steam, I can get anything done and make anything work. But if I run into a long enough stream of small obstacles, my forward motion can grind to a halt and getting anything going again…

Reflection on Pack Square

Sunshine and good company are a big help. A Year Ago: Crudo [Palette] The food at Table was beautiful, delicious, and plentiful… [read more]

Beyond the Wire

My mood is pretty messed up, and I’m feeling kinda ropey physically. It’s not a great combination. I’m experiencing the transition to the warmth and growth of Spring as somehow a painful process this season The anniversary of my emergency appendectomy came and went. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. My yard…