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No Subtitles Needed

My first-ever posting of an advertisement. If I’m going to let someone hawk their wares on my blog you know it’s something beautiful indeed.

Puddle Love

[I believe the original source of this video is David Neils.] When was the last time you romped or frolicked? When no one was watching or cared and you just cut loose with your bad self? Was it prompted by joy or merely the cause of joy? Or both? Who cares which?! Splash in those…

This is Water

You’ve probably already seen this video based on an excerpt of David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon commencement address, as it’s gone viral over the last several days. If you haven’t, please watch it. Our responsibility as adults is to choose how we will approach the world, not simply operate on our default setting. A Year Ago:…

Dance Like No One’s Watching…

…even if someone is. I don’t think she was actually listening to Abba’s Dancing Queen, although the beat is close enough and the lyrics apropos. But that surely doesn’t matter: the joy here is her small moves, her hand flourishes, the self-contained boogie that occasional throws a kung-fu punch for punctuation. I have no idea…

On the Run

You’ve probably already seen this in six other places on the web. I don’t care. Watch it again, in HD, full screen. See a cheetah in all its cheetahness cheetahing. So beautiful. A Year Ago: Cat House There was a man who loved cats… [read more]


Hat tip to Bob for this one. I recommend looking at a high-quality full-screen version. Two Years Ago: Experimental/Conceptual Art


He’s right: smart guy with yo-yo, verah sexay! A Year Ago: Artificial Nature A subset of this area’s Thai restaurants have highly-designed interiors (there must be a favored decorator amongst the restauranteurs)… [read more]

Just Dance

I love this. It’s not about being the best, or being what people expect, or about making perfect art. It’s about the joy of doing, about the delight of the unexpected, and about being fearless. A Year Ago: Strike A Pose This was not an easy photograph to get… [read more]

Strange & Wonderful

This young man’s body is not like the rest of us. He’s a strange cross between stick insect and yogi. I’ll let you decide for yourself if this performance is beautiful or not. I find it equal parts attractive and repellant, but I also experience a powerful aesthetic impulse in response to it. A Year…

Around Saturn

We did this. We the American people sent a spacecraft (primitive in many ways by contemporary standards) out into the far reaches of the solar system. And slowly, it sent back pictures, a few bits at a time. An enterprising guy made a movie out of the stills. Love. It. A Year Ago: One, Two,…