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Which Way the Wind Blows

See that one seagull with its tail-feathers pointed into the wind? That’s me. A Year Ago: Time for a Change There was a moment when it seemed possible that Spring had actually arrived… [read more]

Pick One

So, so different. A Year Ago: Barn Roof The sun was shining and although the temperature never got up to 40F, I still determined that I needs must get outside… [read more]

Boardwalk Z

This is another photograph that really works best HUGE. Richard Misrach had the right idea for this sort of landscape: you need a large-format camera that gets every last twig and grain of sand in exquisite detail. A Year Ago: Some Buds If you’re going to have a picture where almost nothing is in focus……


This was the most diligent gull I’ve ever seen. Unlike all her wastrel brethren who wheel and lounge by the seashore, waiting for scraps and trash to make themselves available for the taking, this bird was actively fishing. She dove into the water and was occasionally rewarded with a tasty morsel (not a fish, I…

Railbirds Redux

I kept looking at this picture and thinking to myself Why does this look so familiar? This is why. A Year Ago: Under Wraps Wrinkly and a little worse for wear, covering a scaffolding that’s there to support either repair or demolition… [read more]

Dunescape (Twilight) Palette

I just assume that, much of the time, the things which I find beautiful or visually stimulating won’t strike others in the same way. I share my aesthetic in large part in hopes that it will help others feel empowered to claim their own individual way of finding beauty in the world. So I’m not…

The Sense of an Ending

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, when every death was a shock, an offensive against the natural order, an outrage that was not only sad but positively tragic. I was younger and the idea that people I loved or admired or was interested in should die was a personal affront,…


I CAN’T LIVE BY YOUR RULES, MAN! FREEBIRD!!1! A Year Ago: Passage I’ve tried to photograph this confluence of light and architectural detail before… [read more]

Closer Than They Appear

In Florida, there’s always a palm tree lurking somewhere around the place. I’m heading off for a brief sojourn in Maryland. Back tomorrow evening. A Year Ago: Vintage Gold Sometimes it happens that I fall in love with a photo for no apparent reason… [read more]


Because—in Florida—you can never have too many pelicans. A Year Ago: A Dream of the Tropics I went to the Natural History Museum to see the orchid exhibition… [read more]