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De consolatione crustum

What do you do for the man you love when he turns *coughety-cough* years old? You take him out for authentic Neapolitan pizza at Pizza Pura. That’s a classic margherita pie he’s slicing into. I had a Fungi white pizza and an arugula salad that were both impeccable. Recommended! A Year Ago: Rural Surreal I…

Crudo [Palette]

The food at Table was beautiful, delicious, and plentiful. This raw-fish appetizer was mellowed in a citrus and herb infused vinaigrette and garnished with jalapeño sorbet, avocado, and some kind of flower. (I wasn’t taking notes, I was enjoying!) So pretty! A Year Ago: Which Way the Wind Blows See that one seagull with its…

Let Us Keep The Feast

Even though I’m spending Christmas on my own, I felt I needed to prepare something a little unusual or special to eat. So I decided to make myself some homemade chinese-style gluten puffs. These are excellent in soups or mixed into stir fry. They have a nice toothsome, chewy texture and they soak up sauces…

Home is where the hearth is.

This is the most basic kitchen I’ve ever worked with. Minimalist is not at all inaccurate. I had to provide the dish drainer and buy a can opener. The refrigerator is dorm-sized and disappointingly noisy. There’s an electric range. The provided pots and pans were in such bad shape that I went out and bought…

Hipster Breakfast

If someone told me that this would be breakfast for the rest of my life, I could live with that. A Year Ago: God’s Eye View Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of flying (by your own power, not in a vehicle)… [read more]

How To Pack

Consider this a pro tip. A Year Ago: Boyz Doing Stuntz

God’s Coffee

Personally, I thought it looked more like something brewed in Sauron’s Tower. But dark, heavy with real cream, and very sweet as it was, my companion assured me that it was fit only for divinity. A Year Ago: Om Nom Nom Nom If this butterfly were any more in to its meal… [read more]


“Have you changed your shampoo, or something?” “No, I don’t think so. How come?” “I noticed when you were standing near me. There’s this great lemony smell; I just love it!” I lean in to let her sniff my hair. “Nope, that’s not it.” I hold out my arm. “Nuh uh.” A brief mystified pause….


I know the day will come when the joy, the savor, the flavor, the crunch and munch delight of eating will be done forever. I hope I die five minutes later. A Year Ago: Blue In my mind’s eye, intense blue is the color of summer… [read more]


It’s a lot easier to sell soda and cupcakes than it is to sell giclée prints of my photographs. A Year Ago: Sparkling Have you had sparkling sake?… [read more]