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Through A Glass, Darkly

I seem to have a thing for stemware. What can I say, a girl’s gotta have her motifs. A Year Ago: Asheville Stars Just a quick note to assure you all that I’m still alive… [read more]

Lit & Unlit

If you can’t shine with your own light, it’s okay to let the sunlight lend you a glow. (This one really benefits by being seen larger. Please click on it for the Gallery version.) A Year Ago: Moon Vine Wire Fence Always aspire… [read more]

It’s Fall

The season is changing again. It’s cold in the evening. My visitors have left. A Year Ago: Geekgasm

Golden Future

Today, rather than focus on my (as always) copious opinions on the topic “Always Be Learning,” I thought I’d give you another look at the before & after of a photograph. This is the facade of the Reuter Center, home of the University of North Carolina/Asheville’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute—also known as the College for…

End of the Tea Party

Drink the tea, leave the dregs, enjoy the light through the empty glass. A Year Ago: Exotica One thing I’m gradually giving up on… [read more]

White Zin

Aaah, summer. A Year Ago: Another Look I took this picture at a restaurant in my neighborhood. I’d like you to take a moment and mull the scene over in your head… [read more]


My OG iPhone took a header from my upside-down purse onto the pavement of the car rental return aisle in Albuquerque. Although it still worked, the smashed face was shedding glass particles and too hard to read. After four and a half years of steady use (interrupted only by the 3Gs which was stolen after…

Light & Shadow, Key West

One of the indignities that my friends tolerate me inflicting upon them is to have a meal or a conversation abruptly interrupted by photographic urgency. This image, with its shadows and overlay of raking bounced light called to me at breakfast over Amy’s shoulder. I abandoned her for a couple of minutes to record it….

Through The Looking Glass

If you like a really good breakfast buffet and are partial to the occasional dose of old-school elegance, you can hardly beat the Omni Shoreham’s golden, light-filled dining area, right off their main lobby. The food is plentiful and varied, the service impeccable, and the environment is genuinely soothing and uplifting. A Year Ago: A…

Bound Vase

I photographed this specifically for the color. So of course I’m posting it in black-and-white. A Year Ago: South Beach Bike We dip into the archives once more… [read more]