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Kinds of Green

On a day when the heat index soars into the triple digits, let us pause and give thanks for the green in our lives. A Year Ago: Sundial It’s twilight o’clock… [read more]

One, Two, Four, Eight

Geese are creatures that one expects to be more congenial and photogenic than they actually are. In fact, they are obstreperous, ornery, noisy, and messy creatures and it takes a certain amount of determination to find the beauty in them. Take a gander at the look in this one’s eye. Darned if that bird isn’t…

Melancholy Lily

I don’t know, in fact, whether this flower is a lily or not. I just love the way the phrase “Melancholy Lily” ululates its way down my tongue. And for me, this picture evokes a nameless nostalgia, even sadness. In a mostly-unseen part of the garden behind a tall wall, this plant labors to produce…

Summer Snow

Like a dusting of freshly fallen flakes, the seed fluff gathers on the packed earth and shows circular patterns of bare ground beneath trees. It accumulates in mats and shallow drifts. Was this what caused me to sneeze 100 times on a 20 minute walk? A Year Ago: Summer Comes to Narnia This is a…

So Green

The long slow spring of cold and rain, with its endless fashion parade of flowers (mostly pink, apparently), is just about over. The temperature is now routinely rising into the 70s and 80s. The trees’ foliage is all filled in, and the other day I noticed that the magnolias are showing big fuzzy buds. Soon…


Like the dance of gnats in a streetlamp, the trailing spark of fireworks, or the tangled fall of unruly locks, this offhand spiral of palm tendrils enthralls me with its casual elegance. A Year Ago: Tattooed Just as with tattooes inked into the skin… [read more]

What Bird?

Bird? What bird? Nothin’ here but us bamboo. One of these things is not like the others, despite doing its best to hold vewwwy, vewwwy still, and make like a plant. A Year Ago: Disorientation I continue to be wobbly and a little woozy… [read more]


Yes, it’s another brown picture. I can pretty much guarantee, however, that in a week’s time there will be a bunch of pictures that are not brown. I’m going to Florida and there will be color, I’m pretty sure of that. Can’t wait. Can. Not. Wait. A Year Ago: In Memoriam You ascribe the honor……

To Eat is Human, To Forage—Bovine

Every now and then a girl’s just gotta go faux western. These cattle are not exactly relaxed. Both of them have an eye pointed directly at me. They were clearly deeply suspicious of my intentions. This, despite the fact that I have not knowingly consumed any of their kind (get it?) in many, many decades….

Ready for Flight

The winds are so high today that these little fluffy-tailed seeds have probably all sailed away. It is some comfort to know that plants are preparing for a Spring that will surely come. A Year Ago: Hydrant in Chains I spent 45 blustery minutes wandering around outside this afternoon. [read more]