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Spectacular weather arrived yesterday afternoon, and today is more of the same: in the seventies, sunny, dry, gorgeous breeze. I’d be playing hooky but I have work to do this morning and floor duty at Preferred this afternoon. A Year Ago: Strange & Wonderful

Bamboo Spring

Like this tuning-fork of a tree, I’m vibrating to the green impulse of Spring. Today featured the building crisis-du-jour: DOORS. After three months of silence on the subject, all of a sudden I had to provide doors tomorrow or siding could not proceed and then god knows when the crew would be available again. FFS….


Half full or half empty? Is this dried clump of hydrangea a presage of withered old age or a harbinger of spring to come? Or is it simply something that is beautiful right here, right now, as it is today? I have been reunited with my marvelous, magical Lumix/Leica 45mm macro. I cannot overstate how…

Edge Case

The best thing about this image is the water droplets that you probably can’t see too well. A Year Ago: On the Edge Usually, when I crop a photograph, it’s strictly for compositional reasons: the camera’s frame has included something I wish to exclude… [read more]

Peridot Passage

I’ve photographed this passageway and its twin before. Let me be clear: I don’t think this stairwell in Shirlington is a gem of architectural genius. On most objective grounds it’s darn ugly. And yet, there’s something about the shapes and rhythms, the patterns of light and dark, the loops of the handrail, the river of…

Sunset Blades

Thoroughly exhausted today. Because I love you all, I managed to hork up this image. Please don’t hold it against me. A Year Ago: Harpers Ferry I spent a few hours in Harpers Ferry on Sunday… [read more]

The Green Life

In the middle of one of my treks around the River Arts District and vicinity, I stopped at a juice bar and had a drink composed mostly of green leafy items. It was delicious and refreshing, and reminded me how much I enjoy using my own juicer—when I can actually be bothered to acquire the…

Seeds of Spring

I tweeted an Instagram version of this image not long after I took it (which is all you need to know to deduce that I used my iPhone for this one). And while I like the soft, muted quality of the Instagram version, I don’t think it captures the concentrated, almost muscular force of Spring…


[I had a slightly irreverent post about the Key West cemetery queued up for today, but I think I'll postpone that 'til tomorrow.] I am thankful that I learned how to see the beauty of the world through my own eyes. I am thankful that there is so much beauty to see. I am thankful…


It’s hard to capture the glorious green of these butterflies. For one thing, they hardly ever hold still. I also suspect the CCD of my camera can’t properly cope with the requisite wavelengths of light. Unless you’re especially squeamish when it comes to insects, I like to think that these images benefit from being seen…