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Purple Peppers

So here we are, in mid-September already. After a week of what seemed to be unending rain, the sun is gracing us with its presence once more, and the air is clear and sweet as wine. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and—in my view—the very best season to enjoy DC. This photograph, outlandish…

An Hallucination of Trumpets

That’s what I think the collective noun should be: “I wandered through a glowing grove whose trees were hung with an hallucination of trumpets, and I dreamt of true love.” As it turns out, these flowers are a part of certain South American tribes’s shamanic recipe for ayahuesca, a potent hallucinogen and sometime spiritual sacrament….

Public House

Here’s another problem with envisioning the past: because we picture it based on reconstructions or museum presentations, we don’t appreciate how loud and crowded it was. This is the interior of White Hall Tavern in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It’s clean (if a bit worn) and empty. A placard out front describes how it was…

The Red Tree

There wasn’t a breath of breeze. The setting sun was just skimming the tops of the hills and keeping a little light in the sky when I encountered this tree and stopped in my tracks. If you think this photo looks slightly surreal, good. Because this tree was damned weird. I believe it’s an oak…

At the End of the Day

What matters, at the end of the day? The ending of an old year and the beginning of another prompt this kind of reflection, as does a catch-up conversation with a friend that reminded me of my own encounters with mortality. Anna Deveare Smith’s wonderful show Let Me Down Easy, which I saw a couple…


Now this, this is a machine. It’s got dripping stains. It’s got DUCT TAPE, baby. It’s got the calligraphic, physical savoir-faire of a gymnast, muscular but graceful. This is an artifact that makes something go and it knows it.

Porch Weather

Summer should be done with us by now, since we’ve already had week after week of oppressive heat and humidity. But no, the full span of August awaits. My advice: any time the humidity drops below 50%, find a porch that you can sit out on and do so, especially after the sun goes down.

Deco Beauty

I had a marvelous visit to New York City. It was both visually inspiring (what with all the architecture, light, people, movement) and personally rewarding, as I got to spend quite a few wonderful hours with my brother Aaron and my sister-in-law Annika. Expect the next series of posts to feature highlights of the trip,…

Carved by Water

Most deserts were once watery places, but very few photographs make them seem that way. In this one, I can see the sway and swirl of the current against the rocks, and the sandy path remains to show the way to the ocean.


It was a day of dentistry and the unpacking of new technology. So no new pictures, but another from Valley of Fire. I like this one because it has an ambiguous sense of scale: how big are those trees/bushes, that bunch of rocks, the mountains in the distance?