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Narrow The Gate

[I'm always sort of appalled when I realize I've used a title before. So much for originality and cleverness. Oh well.] I like the near-misses of this picture: most of the traditionally interesting stuff is happening either mostly out of frame or in the shadows. I’m curious whether this composition tickles anyone else the same…

Why Look Here?

The tomb is empty. Love lives. Happy Easter, friends.

RAD Stairwell

The weather was quite uncooperative for David & Lynn’s visit, but that didn’t stop me from having a wonderful time. I hope they enjoyed visiting half as much as I delighted in being able to offer hospitality in my own home. I was glad that David’s kitty allergy didn’t cause him too much grief, despite…

C’mon-a My Kitchen

A little taste of some bounced light for lunch. A Year Ago: Mining The Mundane Some days the world doesn’t easily offer up its beauty… [read more]

Indoor Cosmos

Here in Asheville you can actually see the stars. It was especially chilly last night, and very clear. As I came home even the ambient city light did not obscure Orion blazing brightly in sky directly overhead. I’m going to have to make a point to get further out into the countryside for the next…


Contemporary nostalgia: a yearning in the present for a past that never quite was. A Year Ago: Inside Curve The view down a stairwell is iconic, perhaps even clichéd… [read more]


I am apparently fascinated by ceiling fixtures, as I photograph them with great regularity but with only occasional success. A Year Ago: Run Away Time to go have some fun, or at least take a break… [read more]

Bag Claim

The original capture here was so flawed that I pretty much decided to just toss that badboy out with the bathwater. The only reason I share it with you today is that I think it has good bones. The geometry and texture of this space are scrumptious. A Year Ago: Subtle I’ve opined before that…

Obey The Muse

That Muse, she one impatient bitch. There I am, enjoying an interesting conversation with dear friends, after a delightful meal. Minding my own business, you could say. My eye wanders to the back corner of the dining room. The early evening sun, not quite setting yet, is filtering through two rooms, catching on a vase,…

Oil Can

The St. Augustine Lighthouse was designed by the same architect who built the Bodie and Currituck lights in the Outer Banks. A Year Ago: Construction Caution That orange! Such yellow!… [read more]