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RAD or Key West?

Before our early snowstorm, we had more than a week of gloriously sunny autumn weather. I have hiking pictures to prove it, which I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing, eventually. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at Pizza Pura after marching around in Dupont State Park. The color scheme here put me in…

Florida, Again

I’m sticking with the avian theme to let you know that I’m making another trip to Florida in just over a week’s time. I’m heading to St. Augustine and the Jacksonville vicinity for five days. Now that winter has declared itself here, in the form of the dreaded “wintry mix,” I can’t say that I…

Big Gun

When I think of the wealth of human ingenuity that has been invested in the machinery of war, I am appalled. And yet I also find myself feeling vaguely optimistic. Why? Because I believe that, slowly—too slowly, to be sure—but nonetheless surely, war is losing its appeal as a way of exerting power and influence….

Bouquet in a Bloom

Nature will show you which “colors that don’t go together” actually go together. This palette is so tropical, and the brights pop so darn hard, that it’s difficult at first glance to appreciate the subtle differences in the more muted brown, green, and blue. (Also, the change to JPEG has actually shifted the colors slightly….


I ate noodle soup in an attempt to fend it off, but no: I have a cold. My internet connection has also got the flu. It fades in and out capriciously. Verizon says they will look it into it. I am not hopeful. These words and that picture have nothing to do with each other….

Key West, Farewell

And so, just in time for me to travel again, we close out the seemingly interminable stream of pictures from Key West. I’m bringing my laptop with me to Albuquerque, so I hope to do some posting from the field (as it were). I can’t promise that it will be daily, but I’ll do my…

Key West Potpourri

This is the penultimate Key West photo-dump entry. I am slightly mortified to discover that I managed to turn five days of vacation into a month of blogposts. And even with that, I’ve got a few in reserve for later dry spells. This fence should have been posted with the others that showed the accomodating…

A Mess of Red

I need a nice dose of rust even when I’m on vacation. This one comes with a tasty garnish of split foam and dried salt. A Year Ago: Wise Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves… [read more]

Wall Ring

Some of my six faithful readers have been kind enough to say they’ve been enjoying the Key West images—for the rest of you, take courage: the end is now in sight. Just in time, probably, for me to head off to New Mexico and another round of travel photos. This slightly more gritty image was…

Mighty Mighty

This tree is absurd. It is a caricature of strength and solidity; it may as well have been designed by a toddler. To my eye, it makes no engineering sense whatsoever: the limbs do not taper, there seems to be tremendous torque at the bottom but none elsewhere. It looks more like a giant gearing…