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Seasonal Leaves

Not yet the full spectrum of Fall color. No, now we’re having the quiet slide into the dimmest part of the year. The sun’s down at around seven now. The moon glows brighter in the cooler sky. The dew lingers longer, anticipating the arrival of frost. Autumn is my favorite season, despite the dying of…

Looming, Green

Maybe if I keep posting pictures of trees I’ll manage to stay calm despite the many things.

Beetle on Moonrise Maple

I am gifted with glorious friends. For my birthday, not long after I moved into my new home, David & Lynn offered me a tree for my yard. And nearly a year later, I finally got around to redeeming that splendid present. This shows the lovely leaves of my Moonrise Japanese maple. It’s a sapling…

In The Green

50 Shades of Green

No one’s telling anybody what to do in this scenario. Not even if that’s what they think they want. Freedom. Deal with it. A Year Ago: This is Water [video]

Running on Faith

It’s snowing again, and it’s cold and grey. About this time of year you just have to believe that it’ll be over eventually. The sun will shine. It will be warm… and then hot. (Remember hot?) One thing I insisted on and paid more than I liked for in my new house was a deep…

Sun Frost

It’s astonishing how much more tolerable the cold is when the sun is out. A Year Ago: Burning Bush I’m essentially living out of a couple of suitcases… [read more]

Maple Glory

Weather in the 60s today shunts aside the chill of winter, so I hope I may be forgiven a little call-back to October and blazing Japanese maples at the Biltmore Estate. The invasive lady-bugs I thought had succumbed to the cold have woken up for another round of distract-the-cat. At this point I’m welcoming anything…


It was one of those Thanksgivings where you wonder if you’ll ever actually need to eat again. (And I have a refrigerator full of leftovers.) Good company, a warm home in cold weather, the pleasure of being able to offer hospitality… these are the simple blessings I am lucky enough to enjoy daily. They are…

Autumn Light

The days are still growing shorter, and there’s a deep melancholy settling in—not just for me, but for many of us. Compounded by recent losses and struggles, this darkest part of the year takes a toll. Challenges that feel manageable at other times become exhausting and profoundly disheartening. I’m glad that Thanksgiving is on its…