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Sunrise 30: Lessons from a Month of Early Rising

I didn’t deliberately choose a thirty-day month, I swear. Nor had I realized that the end of Daylight Savings Time would actually mean an extra hour in bed or that as winter approached the time of sunrise would actually get later each morning. I know these things now, as I have experienced them directly—at a…

Sunrise 29

They said it would be rainy this morning, and I guess it was—sometime well before I got outdoors. The pavement and grass were wet, anyway. Still no excuse to stay in, though. And, once again, glad there wasn’t.

Sunrise 28

A curious thing happened this morning. I woke, saw that it was overcast, but determined that it was not so overcast, nor so cold, nor in fact precipitating in such a way as to allow me to stay indoors or crawl back to bed. I must needs go forth. And so I did. Half an…

Sunrise 27

The marvelously, unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having has confused some cherry trees into thinking it’s spring. The fat squirrels, though, know better. This one regarded me with a certain wary contempt and then sprang up into the branches in search of winter sustenance. I, too, would do well to prepare. [MoS Project uses my…

Sunrise 26

Today you get an extra-special bonus treat! The sunrise was so lovely today that I broke out the Pano software on ye olde OG iPhone and made one. This actually has an enlarged version available. There are some stitching artifacts, but I don’t care.

Sunrise 25

I was so exhausted last night (no nap) that I didn’t set the alarm. Which meant that, for the second time this month, I was not up at the designated hour. I missed the twilight, I missed the sunrise. By the time I got outside, the sun was high enough that it was bouncing light…

Sunrise 24

I so did not want to get up this morning. I went to sleep very late, and when the alarm went off all I could think was: “It’s a holiday. Shouldn’t I get to sleep in?” Maybe it’s raining, I said to myself, maybe I can use that as an excuse to go back to…

Sunrise 23

No sun at dawn; at least, no ocular proof of such. Just these leaves, blazing color in the warm, gray drizzle. [MoS Project uses my OG iPhone for pictures.] Two Years Ago: Calligraphic Grasses I can’t read this writing… [read more]

Sunrise 21

Very overcast and foggy again this morning, but not quite enough precipitation to give me an excuse to stay indoors. Out I went. It was so gray that I had to wait quite a while before there was much of a photograph to be had. [MoS Project uses my OG iPhone for pictures.]

Sunrise 20

It is much harder to get up at dawn when the weather is cold and there’s no swim in an outdoor pool to be had. [MoS Project uses my OG iPhone for pictures.]