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Biltmore Stroll [Palette]

Don’t let an overcast sky or a little drizzle keep you from enjoying the beauty of the day. A Year Ago: Aftermath I know the day will come when the joy, the savor, the flavor… [read more]

Pen & Gobstopper [Palette]

I leave the generation of a color palette from this image as an exercise for the viewer. A Year Ago: Hanging Heart Lots of hard work… [read more]

Some of This, Some of That [Palette]

I admire the audacity of the Biltmore Estate gardener who juxtaposed these plants, and offer this color palette in tribute. Two Years Ago: Diminuendo The summer that arrived like a sledgehammer a few weeks ago… [read more]


Sometimes subtle is NOT what is called for—sometimes you need day-glo over-the-top in-your-face slap-you-silly color. Here ya go. Paint your VW bus already. A Year Ago: Some Birds I hoped the birds were going to cooperate, but alas—I am no St. Francis of Assisi… [read more]

This Too Is Water [Palette]

One of challenges of camera phones is that it’s not always easy to tell what you’ve focused on. I wasn’t really sure what I had until I got it back to my desktop computer and saw it on a large screen. When I took the photograph, I thought it was entirely about pattern and distortion…

Impulsive [Palette]

There’s a flower riot going on these days. Spring is in full swing and the plants are in such an all-fired rush to get their reproductive wares on display it’s almost unseemly. “POLLINATE ME!!!” they blare with their brazen colors and dangling pistils. The impulse for new and renewed life is everywhere, and very few…

Edge of Sunrise [Palette]

If Nature will not oblige me with Spring-like weather, I’ll just have to make the atmosphere on my own over here. Please enjoy this palette of colores mexicanos. A Year Ago: Not Coming Back I’m still really proud of Not Coming Back, a chapbook of eleven poems by Dale Favier (author of Mole) presented together…


This is the view out the kitchen door of my rental house. Like my home-in-progress, it’s not quite four miles from downtown Asheville. The grey cinderblock building on the left was the very first Ingles supermarket (it now houses an ABC store and a couple of other small businesses). The green building with vine traces…

Hopeful [Palette]

I’m moving to my next rental location, which I fervently hope and expect will be the last before I take possession of my own home. I won’t have any internet access on the premises for at least a few days, so it’s likely there won’t be anything new here for a while either. Please bear…

Getting Through (Palette)

Things are a little bit harder than I would prefer. My short-term rental period has turned out to be both longer and shorter than I expected. That is to say: the house-building is going more slowly than I’d hoped so I’ll be renting longer, and my current landlord has changed his mind about me extending…