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I wish Safari would stop substituting the WRONG, non-functional URL when I try to enter the new, FUNCTIONAL one, so that I keep ending up on a 404 page despite having fixed the bad link ages ago. Seriously, this is stupid behavior and there doesn’t seem to be any way to force the correct URL…


The trees of heaven are being extirpated today. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Pour me another cup of coffee. A Year Ago: Fire in the Sky Going down in a blaze of glory… [read more]

Table & Shadow

I know that whoever designed this table intended for the shadow it would cast to be part of its appeal. I love that. One Year Ago: Cup Probably the single most thoroughly competent human being I know is my friend Lynn… [read more]

How Not To Be Bored

This Too Is Water [Palette]

One of challenges of camera phones is that it’s not always easy to tell what you’ve focused on. I wasn’t really sure what I had until I got it back to my desktop computer and saw it on a large screen. When I took the photograph, I thought it was entirely about pattern and distortion…

Seat of the Soul

My neighbor has an eye for the rusted beauties, that’s for sure. This is NOT a high-quality image, but OH THOSE COLORS AND TEXTURES. Two Years Ago: Aubade Since I became an adult, virtually all the sunrises I’ve seen… [read more]

Surface Pattern

I’ve never noticed a tree with this textile-inspiring bark pattern before. Here’s a closer look: A Year Ago: Dr. Seuss Plant I actually laughed when I saw this plant. The big polka dots and the outrageous red backside of these leaves are just ridiculously over-the-top… [read more]


Thank goodness that I went on a walk with Bob in the luxuriously warm afternoon. We strolled around the grounds of the UNC Botanical Garden, which was the site of the Battle of Asheville at the very end of the Civil War. Bob pointed out this folded rock, which I would have walked blindly by….

More Than One Step

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve felt like I had so many irons in the fire simultaneously. On the one hand, it’s wonderful: stimulating, challenging, fresh. On the other hand, I’m finding a greater need than ever before to make lists and schedule things deliberately. I simply can’t get everything done (never mind keep track…

Tantric Pirate’s Flag

I can’t claim too much credit for this one, as it was created in conjunction with the new Silk generative art website. Have fun losing track of the time… You’re welcome. A Year Ago: Linear In the north… [read more]