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Wired Sheaf

Okay, this is the last of this series, I promise. The weather hasn’t been conducive to being out’n’about with the camera, but we’ve been promised sun in the next few days, so here’s hoping for some fresh photographic provisions. A Year Ago: Asheville and the “Oh Wow” Sunset I’ve certainly seen and even photographed my…

Weathered Winch

I only posted this so I could say it was a weathered winch from a withered wench. My work here is done. A Year Ago: Are You Civilized? (A Quiz)

Metal Beach

There is a tide in the affairs of men… A Year Ago: Existential Magic

The Last Loop

The signs of age seem universal: speckles, fissures, blotches. The varieties of mar are countless. One thing that can redeem those scars, that can restore the full measure of dignity to the object that bears them, is the patina of loving use. A Year Ago: Menorah Happy Hanukah, friends!… [read more]

Rust Grid

What do you get when you go below the rust belt? The rust grid. (Get your mind out of the gutter, people. This is a drain pipe.) This brick wall looks as if the red Carolina clay has soaked right in. A Year Ago: Just Dance

Wear & Tear

I’ve got so many things going on right now my head is spinning. I will be very, very grateful when my home base is finalized, so that I’ll at least have one still point in the midst of all this motion. It’ll be so nice to be sleeping in my own bed at last. A…


Many outlets, no flow. A Year Ago: Something Beautiful from Jen This isn’t the best picture in the world, but it seems to fit… [read more]

Rust & Sheen

This image feels like a self-portrait to me. I have some new slices in unexpected places. There’s rust and sheen in equal measure. I’m up close in the details, these days, and having to trust that the bigger picture is taking care of itself. There is still beauty here, however, with the negative spaces contributing…

Wheels, Not Spinning

Things have, as promised, gotten pretty busy. There’s the real estate course, which has an incoming information load that does justice to the “drinking from a firehouse” cliché. I’m also taking an online textile designing course which has homework. And there are my ongoing meet-up groups and the regular visits to Pet Harmony. In addition,…


My next door neighbor at the rental house is a metal artist, and the edges of his house and our shared driveway are filled with rusting shapes awaiting his inspiration. He visits scrapyards and scavenges interesting pieces for later use. Until he does something with them, they sit outdoors gathering a patina. Grist for my…